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Legal Transcription Services

One of the fastest growing fields in the language industry today is legal Transcription Services. Transcription is the conversion of recorded spoken language into written, typewritten or printed text. Clients of foreign language transcription can select to receive two transcripts of both the source and target languages or some may choose to receive just the target language transcript. For example, if someone has Spanish audio they would like transcribed into English, they may choose to receive both Spanish and an English transcript or they may choose just the straight English transcript. In some cases, a foreign language transcript could be transcribed in the same language (i.e. Hebrew to Hebrew).

Any form of recorded audio that needs to be converted into text can be considered a transcription project. American Language Services® (AML-Global) transcriptions are done from virtually all types of media, including DVDs, CDs, cassettes, microcassettes, and a variety of digital files. AML-Global works in virtually every digital format of media including: MP3, Wave Files, DAT, MPEJ, WMV and AVI to name some.

The transcripts are often certified for the use in court and other legal proceedings. The certification processes for transcripts are the same as for translation services and can be further explained by clicking "Certification Process".

Variety and Use of Legal Transcriptions is on the Rise

Transcriptions are used by, law firms, in-house legal departments and attorneys who work for a wide myriad of governmental institutions. The transcriptions are used in both criminal and civil proceedings. For law enforcement agencies it is often critical in a case to have clear and precise transcribed transcripts for Interrogations, Interviews, telephone and in person conversations, and wiretaps.

Law firms and other legal counsel use certified transcriptions for a variety of reasons such as witness testimony, interviews under oath, depositions, manuscripts for hearings and telephone conversations among others.

Transcriptions in Key Languages

The growth of language transcription services has been exponential. Some of the most commonly requested language transcriptions are to and from: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Farsi, Tagalog and Vietnamese. AML-Global translates over 200 languages in total.

Verbatim and Summarized Transcriptions

Transcription can be completed in one of two ways: verbatim or summarized transcription. A verbatim transcription is a word for word conversion of recorded spoken words to text. Verbatim transcription is done to the best of the professional transcriptionist's abilities and usually has an accuracy rate of 99%.

A summarized transcription is not done verbatim, but eliminates all unnecessary information including vocal fillers such as "um" and "uh". Ultimately it is up to the client as to which type of transcription meets their needs. For example, a company/organization may choose a verbatim transcription if every word matters (depositions, legal proceedings, focus groups). One may opt for verbatim transcriptions if they wish to edit the audio or video. A summarized transcript may be utilized to give readers a more professional, more efficient document that does not include any unnecessary information. Summarized transcripts are also widely used for those with extreme time constraints as well.

Time coding or time stamping records the time in the audio where the speaker is speaking. Time codes can be used at intervals chosen by the client. Typically time codes are completed every 30 seconds; however, we can complete time codes in different timeframes, per the client's request.

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