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Since 1985, American Language Services, (AML-Global) has provided professional interpreting for thousands of unique venues including numerous assignments for tours and hosting events.

Each year thousands of visitors travel around the world and take a broad variety of tours. Often language services are needed to help enhance their travel experiences. People travel for many types of reasons: Leisure, business, family matters, and legal requirements to name some.

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Many business people participate in trade shows, association meetings, business presentations, symposiums, educational meetings, medical conferences and various international forums and events. Ones involvement can be greatly enhanced by using professional interpreters for hosting situations which greatly increases ones ability to communicate with their audience in multiple languages. This has proven to be an effective way to increase the odds of accomplishing the desired objectives of your particular event.

Local Skilled and Experienced Language Pro's Helps Reduce Costs

AML-Global has provided interpreting for tours and hosting in every major market and most other markets in the United States as well as around the world. They are experienced, knowledgeable and highly effective in a social environment. Our interpreters speak over 240 languages and do both types of interpreting; simultaneous and consecutive. They are a talented group, consisting of certified and credentialed professionals who are located in hundreds of local markets, which helps to reduce the overall cost of travel, hotel and other fees.

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We have a vast database of interpreters located around the country and the world. AML-Global has a skilled and friendly staff to help you promptly and cost effectively fulfill your requests. Please contact us today for a free quote, or to place an on-line order.

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