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Educational Translations


What is the need of educational Translations?


One of the sensitive and enormously essential sector to work in is Education. With cross-border communication being the mainstay of modern literacy, no university system is complete without being able to support multiple languages. Whether it is for students, researchers, professors, teachers or schools and universities themselves, education translation services are a must-have.


Educational Translations: Challenges and its solutions


Translating an academic paper is a tedious task that requires full concentration and superior expertise.


·      Translation Budget. Students on the path of knowledge or schools that are the path of knowledge have strict budget concerns and guidelines. However, we can honor these guidelines and work within your budget to provide the highest quality translation at the lowest competitive price regardless of if you are a student or a school.

·      Subject Matter Expertise. There are literally hundreds types of translations to be completed in this critical sector. Included in them are student transcripts, reports, research grants, training summaries, to name just some.  There are several aspects to pay attention to in an educational document e.g., data relevance. A little bit of slack in any components of the translation chain could render the entire chain ineffective. The impact of an educational document is defined by the uniqueness of the information contained therein; therefore, unless that information is translated faithfully into the target language, that impact sought is, well, lost in translation.

o   Educational documents translation often involves numbers and units. Something as subtle as adding or dropping a zero could have devastating consequences, so hiring a translator who knows how to adapt measurements like inches to centimeters is also imperative to a successful translation. Another example can be; In the field of electrical engineering, a translator needs to understand how to switch descriptions of electrical outlet systems used in the United States to those used in places like Asia or Europe.

With more than three decades of expertise in providing educational to students, school districts and universities around the world, AML-Global can do justice to the erudite personality of educational documents.

·      Deadlines and Estimates. Quality and deadlines matter at every stage of an educational translation project. It begins with the hiring of a qualified translator and it ends with an accurate, on-time document that doesn’t cost more than the original quote.

Education involves in shaping someone’s knowledge as well as experience thus making it very important for everyone. Whenever you need your education-related projects to reach a wide range of audience across the globe, then we have you covered by education translation services at AML-Global.


AML-Global understands the unique makeup of the educational system and can work with you to provide high quality school translation at the most competitive price. If you want to know more about our expertise in any area of education translation, we will be happy to provide you with any information you might need to make the decision to partner with us.


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