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Translation Services for the Educational Industry

Since its inception in 1985, American Language Services ® (AML-Global) has been very active in the educational community in the local, regional, and national arena. As our population continues to diversify, educational institutions are in the forefront of recognizing the need to cater to a broader spectrum of ethnically and culturally diverse students and faculty who communicate in 100s of languages around the world. The industries that service the academic community are also experiencing growth at an ever increasing rate. Overcoming communication issues is a fundamental element in any successful educational endeavor and ALS has a full range of language services to meet these challenges.

Who we Work With & What we Do

We work with a myriad of educational institutions, including K-12, Colleges, Universities, Private Institutions, Vocational schools, and Preparatory schools, among others. These institutions have a wide variety of needs, from IEPs, special education requests, immigration forms, scholarship applications, admissions forms, psychological testing, medical evaluations as well as announcements, process papers and complicated thesis work.

In addition, we have a rapidly growing specialty area working with a plethora of departments within the academic institutions for research, studies, and grant programs. These programs are for a host of subjects and are utilized in countries all around the world.

What are Your Communication Goals?

What educational institutions have in common with each other is that they need appropriately localized and accurately translated documents on a timely and cost-competitive basis. Every institution has specific objectives in mind. Our goal is to ensure that your goals are met. We will work with you in the time frame you require to achieve the success you desire.

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