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Interpreting in Ohio

Non-English speakers are a growing demographic in the state of Ohio. According to the U.S. Census, approximately 650,000 people in Ohio speak a language other than English. When the deaf and hard-of-hearing populations are accounted for, the number of people who may require interpreters to assist with communication rises even more. The variation of languages spoken in the state of Ohio introduces many complexities for interpreter services. Excluding sign-language communication methods, the latest census recorded 116 different languages used in the state of Ohio. There are more than 60 languages that have seeped into the state court system including Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Russian. Ohio has taken the necessary steps in order to facilitate the needs of those who are handicapped by language barriers.

Court-Certified Interpreters in Ohio

With no standard qualification procedure in place in the state of Ohio, courts have been left to determine what constitutes a qualified interpreter. With the continuing need for these services in the courts the subject of interpreting in Ohio has become more complex. In general interpreters have been left to gauge their own abilities. Courts in Ohio have also expressed concern about implementing policies and procedures for court interpreters and the cost of interpreter services. In addition to having no standard qualification process, Ohio provides no guidelines, policy or procedures to guide courts in the use of interpreters in courtrooms or depositions, or for compensating interpreters for their service. However, interpreters in Ohio recently became quite active in voicing its concerns within the profession. Many interpreting groups and individual interpreters have expressed their eagerness for action benefiting the quality of interpretations in Ohio.

Conference Interpreting in Ohio

With business centers like Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati and Toledo the need for conference interpreting is ever present in the state of Ohio. Conference interpreters work at conferences that have non-English-speaking attendees. The work is often in the field of international business diplomacy, education and medicine. Conference interpreters must interpret for any organization that works with speakers of foreign languages in a wide array of fields. In 2009, Ohio was ranked #4 in the country for best business climate by various travel publications. This makes the state a major world destination and business center, providing very large need for conference and business interpreting. Ohio’s many cities have a wide variety of business’s and corporate headquarters and in today’s global economy communication is paramount. Conference interpreting is a very demanding field and Ohio provides many opportunities for interpreting services while promoting successful communication in international business

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Language Solutions in Ohio

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