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Interpreting in Indiana

Indiana , although not tremendously diverse, provides a great outlet and need for a large variety of interpreting and translating services. With the recent dramatic increase in the request for interpreter services in several different languages, resources for providing legal interpreting, medical interpreting, business and conference interpreting has been a top priority in Indiana. Like most American states Indiana’s population continues to become more and more diverse creating needs in the corporate, educational and legal arenas.

Legal Interpreting in Indiana

Currently one does not have to be certified to interpret for depositions hearings and trials in the Indiana courts. Indiana courts are strongly encouraged to use certified interpreters, and many trial courts in Indiana only will hire certified interpreters. Certification, however, does not guarantee employment. At this time, some Indiana courts employ independent contractors for court interpretation while other Indiana courts utilize the services of staff court interpreters. In order to get court-certification one must pass the necessary requirements that are standard throughout many of the states. One must pass a series of tests and attend an orientation. As populations diversify the need for legal interpreters in Indiana continues to grow in languages such as Spanish which represents 3.5% of Indiana’s population. The growing Asian populations including Chinese Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese and Vietnamese are also creating more needs in the courts.

Educational Interpreting in Indiana

Indiana supports the educational interpreting standard fully and it is required for all educational interpreters. Offering American Sign Language in all educational settings is required. At this time the minimum level is registration with Department of Human and Health Services, and proof that one works in the school setting. Two Continuing education units are required in specific settings each year. One CEU in language and linguistics, and the other CEU from a list of six categories including ethics, child development, audiology, Deaf history and culture, Interpreting theory, language development.

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