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Interpreting in the State of Illinois

Illinois, being the most populated and demographically diverse state in the Midwest, provides a tremendous outlet and need for a large variety of interpreting and translation services. As a result of a highly populated and highly diverse community, there has been a dramatic increase in the request for interpreter services in several different languages. However, interpreting in Illinois is definitely not as regulated as many of the other states. Although the demand for interpreting is extremely high, given the absence of a statewide regime, the quality of interpretation provided tends to vary.

Conference Interpreting in Illinois

Chicago, being one of America’s premiere business hubs, provides an excellent outsource for conference interpreting. In spite of the fact that English is the working language of business, companies and organizations still need to converse in the local languages of their customers, especially when considering Illinois’s great diversity. As a result, Illinois provides a large base for conference interpreters, whose demanding field takes a very high degree of skill and experience in a broad range of subject matter. A number of important organizations conduct and promote annual events in Chicago and Chicago is the home for many major corporations.

Legal Interpreting in Illinois

As proved in many of the countries more populated states, legal interpreting is a valued necessity. However, in Illinois little regulation on interpreters makes it more difficult to find the necessary interpreting service. A statute provides that the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts “may establish and administer by rule or procedure a program of testing and certification for foreign language court interpreters.” However, there is no statewide statute or court rule requiring that interpreters in civil cases must be certified or otherwise demonstrate competency before they are appointed. In addition, because only judges may request an interpreter, practitioners cannot arrange for one in advance, and are often instructed to provide their own as there is no obligation that the state supply interpreters in civil proceeding. Practice varies from county to county. Cook County uses the Consortium’s certification exams to assess interpreters. DuPage County and Lake Counties require interpreters in their circuit courts to demonstrate proficiency in English and the foreign language, as well as familiarity with courtroom procedures and vocabulary, and the ability to provide simultaneous translation at a rate of 200 words per minute.

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