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Interpreting in Georgia

The last 20 years have seen great movement toward diversity in the population of Georgia. The Spanish and Asian populations have dramatically increased creating large needs for all forms of foreign language interpreting. Spanish, Korean Chinese and Vietnamese interpreters are now commonly requested languages in Georgia. The mission for interpreting in Georgia is to provide interpreter licensing, regulatory and education services for Georgia Courts so they can ensure the rights of non-English speaking persons in trials, depositions, and hearings. The Georgia Commission on interpreters was created by Supreme Court order in 2003 to secure the rights of non-English speaking persons utilizing the state court system by establishing a statewide plan for the use of interpreters in Georgia courts during the presentation of civil or criminal matters. The Commission was charged with approving court interpreter programs, developing the criteria for the training and certification of interpreters, and establishing standards of conduct.

Interpreting Certifications in Georgia

An interpreter in the courts of Georgia is considered to be a professional, adhering to the ethical standards set forth by the Georgia commission on interpreters. An Oath is taken by each interpreter prior to any proceeding that he or she shall interpreter communications in an accurate manner to the best of the interpreter’s skill and ability. Georgia has three court interpreter licensing designations, Certified, Conditionally Approved and Registered. Bilingual individuals who are interested in providing interpretation in Georgia’s court system should possess outstanding knowledge in legal matters and court proceedings, as well as advanced knowledge of interpreting techniques and equipment.

Medical Interpreting in Georgia

The state of Georgia does not currently require any testing or certification in order to become a medical interpreter, nor is any test or certification recognized by the state. Some agencies and employers train, test or certify their interpreters according to that entities purposes or standards. Georgia puts a premium to provide resources and support to medical interpreters as well as individuals aspiring to become medical interpreters. Ultimately, the state’s mission is to promote equal access to health care services for Limited English Proficient individuals by supporting professional medical interpretation, and by providing a high quantity of resources for strong>medical interpreters throughout Georgia.

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