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Interpreting and Translating in Florida

Florida is the 4th largest state in the United States and has, by far, the most foreign speaking population in the south. Over the years, Florida has seen a dramatic increase in their foreign born population. Miami-Ft Lauderdale increased its foreign born population 53% in the past 10 years. Over 42% of the total population in Miami and Ft Lauderdale were born abroad. More than half of Miami-Dade County residents were born outside the US. With this overwhelming foreign population, the need for qualified interpreters and translators is greater than ever in the state of Florida.

Regulations for Interpreter Services in Florida

Legal interpreting is a ever increasing area in the state of Florida. Qualified language and sign interpreters for non-English speaking and hearing impaired individuals are ordered by the Court as mandated by Florida Statutes. Qualified interpreters are required for all judicial proceedings and in sessions of a grand jury wherein a deaf person is a complainant, defendant, witness, or otherwise a party. The Legislature finds that it is an important concern that the rights of deaf citizens be protected. It is the intent of the Legislature to ensure that appropriate and effective interpreter services be made available to Florida’s deaf citizens. Anyone interested in serving as a court interpreter for Florida must complete an application. All applicants must have a comprehensive knowledge and high proficiency in written and oral Spanish or Haitian Creole, for they are the most common foreign languages in the state of Florida. The need for Asian languages in legal settings continues to increase. The ability to satisfactorily perform in the two modes of interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) and sight translation of written material for court proceedings as well as a thorough knowledge of documentation translation, audio/video materials as well as the specialized vocabulary in the legal field.

Conference Interpreting in Florida

Florida is one of the most attractive destination spots in the country for meeting planners and corporations. Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa host a multitude of business gatherings and conferences on a yearly basis. The need for language services at these events is growing rapidly. Simultaneous interpreting is necessary for these events and experienced conference interpreters are instrumental in making sure a meeting is conducted smoothly and seamlessly. State of the art interpreting equipment is also an instrumental element of running a smooth event.

Educational Interpreters

As a result of the large foreign population in Florida, interpreters and translators are necessary in helping foreign speaking children receive a successful education. Currently, there are no requirements for educational interpreters in Florida, beyond what school districts may require. If a school district hires interpreters as paraprofessionals and they are working in Title I schools, then they would need to meet highly qualified requirements. Other than that, Florida does not have highly qualified requirements for educational interpreters.

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