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Interpreting in Connecticut

Although Connecticut is a small state and not as highly populated as some of the other states, it still provides a diverse population creating a varied need for interpreting and translating. Connecticut has large Italian, Irish, German and Portuguese American populations, second highest percentage of any state behind Rhode Island (19.3%). Italian is the largest ancestry group in five of the state’s counties, French Canadians the largest group in Windham county, and old stock New England Yankees are present throughout, Connecticut is also known for its relatively large Hungarian and Polish population. With this diversity, interpreting is a necessary service and is bridging the communication gap in the widest possible variety of settings including legal, governmental and business,

Legal Interpreting in Connecticut

Legal interpreters serve the Connecticut Superior Court by helping to provide due process for persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Court interpreters must not only be bilingual and bicultural; they must be educated speakers of English and another language and must be able to interpret all levels of discourse in court proceedings. In addition, a court interpreter must be familiar with court procedures and protocols, and maintain the high ethical standards required by The Code of Professional Responsibility for Court Interpreters of the State of Connecticut , including a commitment to lifelong learning. Connecticut is a state that is committed to providing quality services to all those in need of legal interpreting.

Court Certified Interpreters in Connecticut

To become a certified court interpreter in Connecticut , a candidate must pass an oral, entry-level certification examination administered by the Connecticut Judicial Branch or other accepted entity. The Connecticut Judicial Branch currently administers oral certification exams provided by the National Center for State Courts (Consortium) for the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Polish. The Consortium Oral Examination tests the candidate in the three modes of interpreting.

  • Sight translation of an English document into the other language, and sight translation of a document in the other language into English.
  • Consecutive interpretation, English into other language, and other language into English.
  • Simultaneous interpretation from English into the other language.

To pass the certification examination, a candidate must have a minimum total average test score of 70% and a minimum score on each of the individual test sections of 70%. The exam must be passed in its entirety in one sitting.

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