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Colorado Interpreting

The State of Colorado harbors many different ethnic communities and its population continues to diversify. The need for language service in the state continues to increase rapidly. Colorado is dedicated to supporting interpreter’s professional needs as well as to promoting the recognition of interpreting in the community. Objectives for interpreters in Colorado include providing or promoting training for interpreters; supporting standards of professional ethics, practices, and competence; boosting communication with interpreters about professional issues; acting as a resource on interpreting for persons in allied professions and related organizations; to promote quality relations among it’s members. These objectives are met through many endeavors, including a professional newsletter ; periodic meetings and social events; interpreting workshops and conferences; collaboration with other entities interested in interpreter training or other pertinent issues; and recognition of individuals who have contributed to the profession.

Legal Interpreting in Colorado

The Colorado Judicial Branch is committed to providing access to justice to all citizens regardless of the language they speak. To this end, the Court Interpreter Program at the State Court Administrator’s Office is charged with developing policies and programs that facilitate linguistic access and promote competent and professional interpreting in the courts. The Colorado courts have been certifying court interpretersas to their competency and accuracy since 1999. Colorado, interpreters should have certification from one of the following:

  • The Colorado State Judiciary Program (Consortium certification)
  • The Administrative Office of Federal Courts (required for work in Federal Court)
  • Other certification recognized by the Colorado Judiciary

Medical Interpreting in Colorado

Colorado does not currently require any testing or certification in order to become a medical interpreternor is any test or certification recognized by the state. Some agencies and employers train, test and certify their interpreters according to that entities purposes or standards. Both interpreters and consumers may want to inquire with such entities to learn more. The state of Colorado encourages and supports standards of professional ethics, practices and competence. Therefore, the Medical Interpreters Certification task force was created , whose mission is to bring standards, training, and skills testing/certification to Colorado citizens.

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