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American Language Services has been helping businesses and other entities reach the deaf and hard of hearing community for more than 35 years. While in-person interpreting, at one time, was the only option, recent technological advances opened the door to other options. Since we offer full-service Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), this article will be comparing Virtual American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting with Communication Access Real-Time Translation (AKA- Closed Captioning & Real Time Subtitling) known as CART.

 Please note that according to the American Disability Act (ADA) that deaf and hard of hearing community have the legal right to receive full access through the use of ASL and or CART services. The ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and providing ASL interpreters for deaf individuals complies with federal law and promotes equal accessibility.

Some interesting Facts About the City of Fresno

  • Fresno is located halfway between two large cities – San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • The word Fresno means ash tree in Spanish and the city’s flag features an ash tree. It also becomes the symbol of city’s flag.
  • The raisin industry was started in Fresno accidentally when some grapes were mistakenly allowed to dry on the vines.
  • Fresno County is a prime spot for agriculture. The entire area is dotted with farmland and produces a huge variety of crops like grapes, almonds, tomatoes, and oranges. The area is also a reigning king when it comes to agriculture, ranking #1 in the nation in 2007.
  • Today Fresno is one of the 40 most prosperous cities in the US.
  • The city is home to one of the nation’s largest and most popular blues festivals, which attracts thousands from all over the world.
  • Fresno has more cultural activities than many other cities, even those that are twice the size of this city. The city hosts many different types of entertainment and a hot nightlife that is perfect for young and old alike.
  • The old Fresno water tower is the city’s pride and joy. Others’ cities’ water towers pale in comparison to the Old Fresno Water Tower. Built in the American Romanesque style, this 109 foot-tall red brick building is an iconic part of the town.
  • Tule Fog is the unique foggy condition in Fresno. The fog is usually accompanied by freezing rain and thick fog appeared during the winter months.
  • Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia are the most famous national parks in Fresno. There are majestic waterfall, pristine lakes, and famous giant sequoia trees (the largest tree in the world, the General Sherman) at there.
  • Fresno’s annual Scottish celebration is so fun, you might just have to be break out a plaid kilt of your own. You’ll find highland athletics for kids and adults alike, as well as pipe bands, Scottish stories, dancing, food and music. You don’t need to have a drop of Scottish blood in you to fully enjoy this festival.
  • Fresno County was first settled by Yokut tribes long before Europeans came to the U.S. – at one point, 60 tribes inhabited Fresno County. The area encompassing the county was claimed by Spain and then Mexico once the latter won independence. The first known Mexican expedition into Fresno County was completed in 1806 by Gabriel Moraga, who also named the Kings and San Joaquin rivers. Moraga was looking for new sites for missions, but Mexican development in the county was slow. What is now Fresno County joined the U.S. following the Mexican War in 1846. Fresno County was officially founded in 1856 from sections of neighboring Mariposa, Merced and Tulare counties.
  • Outdoor lovers find the close proximity of both mountains and the ocean very enticing, which explains why everyone in the city is an outdoor enthusiast.
  • Today more than 100 different nationalities are reflected in the population making it one of the most diverse melting pots in the nation.
  • The nation’s most popular antique car show, The Conours D’Elegance, is held here each spring at the University of California in Fresno’s campus.
  • Agricultural chemicals, plastic products, glass, clothing, computer software, and food processing supported the economy in Fresno. That is why Fresno becomes the center of distributing and manufacturing.
  • California State University is the popular university in Fresno. It is located at the northeast edge of Show Avenue, Fresno, California. There are many unique facilities in the university, including on-campus raisin and wine grape vineyards, on-campus planetarium, and commercial winery.
  • Each year Fresno celebrates independent performers and artists with its Rogue Festival. The event gives all types of people the opportunity to showcase their works, from film and theatre to music and dance, in various locations throughout downtown Fresno and the Tower District. It’s non-juried, so anyone can perform. Yet that also means that you might not know whether a performance is going to be a gem or a bust—but that’s just half the fun.
  • The Forestiere Underground Gardens are a truly unusual man made creation. Built by an immigrant from Sicily, the hand-build network of underground rooms, courtyards and passages were inspired by ancient Roman catacombs. The three level creation also houses a stunning collection of fruit trees, shrubs, and vines, some of which are over 90 years old.

Fresno ASL & CART Language Interpreters

American Language Services is known for our high-quality, In-person and Virtual interpreters, as well as the outstanding client services we provide. We work in 200+ languages including Legal and Medical Certified and Qualified.  ASL and CART are the fastest growing languages in Fresno today a language interpreter can be a very underestimated professional in the world today. There are over 100 languages spoken in the Fresno Metro area alone. Many of us know one language, and we specialize in one field of study. Our Fresno Interpreters are fluent in English and at least one other language, and they are knowledgeable in a wide range of specialized fields including legal, medical, technical, manufacturing, and engineering.

A brief history of ASL Interpreting in Fresno

Most people know that ASL stands for American Sign Language. But not everyone knows that it is a distinct language—not simply an offshoot of American English. Though its beginnings are murky, many believe that ASL originated from a merger of French Sign Language (SLF) and local U.S. sign languages. While ASL and SLF are distinct languages, there are still some similarities between their signs.

What actually is ASL?   ASL a complete, natural language that has the same linguistic properties as spoken languages with grammar however that differs from English. ASL is expressed by movements of the hands and face.  ASL is a language completely separate and distinct from English. It contains all the fundamental features of language, with its own rules for pronunciation, word formation, and word order.  Because of the physical nature of ASL, a two-person team of ASL interpreters is required for assignments longer than 1 hour in duration.

The National Center for Health Statistics claims that 28 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss, though only between two and eight percent of them are natural ASL speakers.  Helping these select individuals translate the audible into the understandable is the job of an ASL interpreter.  If you have ever been to a play, a concert or watched a government briefing, you have probably seen an ASL interpreter signing just out of view.  An interesting side note is that Statista estimates that there are currently around 60,000 active ASL interpreters in the USA.

The Benefits of ASL Interpreting in Fresno

When it comes to communicating with hard-of-hearing or deaf audiences, there are a few reasons you might want to opt for a Fresno ASL interpreter over CART services. These include:

  • A More Personal Connection: A real person has several advantages over a computer screen. First, human interpreters have an easier time conveying emotion. Second, they are better equipped to point out speakers and assist with pronunciation issues. Finally, an interpreter gives a deaf or hard of hearing person a chance to bond with another person.
  • Enhanced Speed: Skilled interpreters can hold pace with even the fastest speakers. Lack of delay makes it easier for deaf and hard of hearing individuals to keep up with the conversation.
  • Cost Effective:  While costs range by the type of ASL you need (Legal, medical, business, etc.) and when the assignment is scheduled, the cost off ASL, across the board, is less money than CART.

What Is CART?

While the majority of people know what American Sign Language is, the same cannot be said for Communication Access Real-Time Translation. Often referred to as CART, this communication method for the deaf and hard of hearing is best described as subtitling for live discussions. Unlike ASL, which relies on a professional interpreter, CART services are provided by a well-trained stenographer or transcriptionist. They transcribe anything said and then broadcast the resulting text to a phone, computer, or TV screen.

CART is often seen as a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure everybody can follow along. While often used to help deaf students in the classroom, CART captioning benefits anyone that can read.  Much like ASL interpreting, it can be done both onsite with a physical transcriptionist or remotely with an offsite one.

Why You Should Consider CART for the Fresno Market

Communication Access Real-Time Translation is growing in popularity due to the following characteristics:

  • It Serves a Wider Array of Deaf People: If you do a little math, you will realize that 65 percent of hard-of-hearing people in the USA do not speak ASL fluently. CART makes it so these people can join in on the conversation as well.
  • CART Makes It Scalable: While people in the front rows can easily make out what an interpreter is signing, it gets harder as the distance increases. Since captions can be beamed to multiple screens simultaneously, they do not have to factor speaker distance into the equation.
  • The Text Provides a Written Record: Having a transcript of everything your professor said would be a godsend come finals. Having a record of a meeting can also provide clarity to all those involved as well. The physical nature of CART recording makes that possible. This ability is one reason so many college students opt for CART over traditional ASL interpreting. 

About American Language Services

Founded in 1985, American Language Services was there to help pioneer the rise in remote ASL interpreting options. Our dedication to quality and client satisfaction in interpreting allowed us to shift from a one-woman agency into one of the most successful language agencies in the world. Our language experts provide ASL & CART interpreting services to people all around the world. Because of our 24/7 availability, you’ll never have to worry about us not being available, on off times, for an assignment.

AML-Global has some of the most impressive linguistic talents in the world. These highly skilled language professionals are recruited, screened, and tested to ensure high-quality work.

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