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French, French Canadian, and Dutch Language Translation in Military Requests for Proposals and Requests for Quotes is an Important Element in Placing Local Contracts and Furthering Policy Goals

Military and information-gathering agencies require consistent, timely, cost effective and accurate language services in Dutch, French Canadian and French. Just a few of these include the US Department of Defense, US Homeland Security, and elements of the US Department of Justice. At every level of government, agencies of the armed forces require document translations, localizations, desk top publishing, audio transcriptions, interpreting, voiceovers, subtitling and dubbing. International assistance to other countries can take many forms, including economic, agricultural, security, environmental, and strategic. Other functions may include election monitoring, cross-border police work, and exchange of international treaty documents.

In a time of International Commitments and Global Deployments, use of the Local Population’s Language is Good Practice and Often Essential

Trusted vendors of language services, committed to service, diversity and excellence, perform many functions for many military, intelligence and other government agencies at federal, state and local levels. A single Defense project in Washington may involve language combinations and software programs that require a multitude of technical skills. These projects can require translation, localization, desktop publishing and special formatting in French Canadian, Dutch and French, among other languages. Some of the signs of a high performance language company will include: The supervisory staff undergoing a thorough training program and performance reviews on a quarterly basis. The company will have an experienced and effective operations staff to ensure that Defense projects get handled efficiently, smoothly, consistently, and comply with all federal regulations. Each contracting agency should expect to be assigned a dedicated Project Coordinator who is responsible for the coordination of each project. Top language companies partnering with these agencies will already be on the GSA Schedule, GS-10F-0420X, be ISO certified as well as WBE certified.

Strict Qualifications for Military Translators and Interpreters are Always Needed to Assure a Competent Presentation in French, French Canadian, and Dutch

Translators and Interpreters for Defense Agencies and the Armed Forces can be classified by a number of relevant criteria such as type of certification, language, specific experience, and geographic considerations. They should be able to supply a full range of multi-language communication services such as translating, interpreting, and transcriptions for Legal, Military Law Enforcement, Training Sessions, and Cyber Security. Experienced language companies in a city like Washington have many processes in place for continual improvement of the quality management system and the assurance of conformity to applicable regulatory requirements.

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Assisting the Military with Language Translation and Preparation of Requests for Proposals and Quotes: the Experts at AML-Global

For over 26 years, American Language Services (AML-Global) has provided excellent services in the Military, Government, Non-Profit and Corporate sectors, in Washington and in other major cities. AML-Global provides services worldwide in over 150 languages including Dutch, French Canadian and French. We have completed many years of excellent quality work and have directly worked with many governmental and defense agencies on a variety of translation and interpretation projects, including those in French, French Canadian, and Dutch. We are an organization that is large enough to be able to handle large complex and highly technical projects. We are also small enough to be able to respond rapidly. We have a state of the art proprietary database of over 27,000 linguists and an expert and helpful staff. Our company is certified as a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE). Dutch, French Canadian and French have long been part of the AML-Global quality standard. We work in Washington and around the world for our Military clients as well as our academic and industrial clients. American Language Services can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800 -951-5020.

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