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Technical Translating Projects in the Silicon Valley Area Need Quality European Language Translation Specialists

The cities of Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and San Jose are home to a multitude of companies that are in a wide variety of technical fields like manufacturing, communication, medicine, engineering and computer technologies. In the Silicon Valley area the technical translation field is a very active market. Technical translation is well known to be one of the most difficult and specialized fields in the language business, requiring the utmost expertise and experience. Translation work is also extremely diversified and requires work in many different types of environments. In today’s global economy, The Silicon Valley Area, with a thriving European business, increasing diversity and ever changing technology needs technical translators in more languages than ever. The many large Corporations in The Silicon Valley Area Servicing European markets creates an ever increasing need for translating services in Italian, German and Russian. A European speaking technical translator does work in an incredibly broad area of subjects including communications, engineering, manufacturing, IT, and medicine. This type of work is extremely difficult and requires extensive knowledge in subject matters that are dense in complex text. Therefore proper education and certification are essential in providing quality Russian and Italian translation service for The Silicon Valley Area’s Business community.

Certified Russian, German and Italian Linguists Translate Technical Manuals that are Extremely in depth and use Terminology Specific to a Multitude of Niche Industries

Since technical translating is such a unique and difficult field, it has significant importance in the daily activities of businesses and companies in the Silicon Valley area. One the most fundamental uses for technical translators in the business world is for the translation of instructional manuals. Technical manuals are extremely in depth and use terminology specific to a multitude of niche industries. Technical industries need exact translations of these manuals as equipment and work forces rely on them for daily operation. Due to the large population of people who use European languages such as Russian, German and Italian the need for technical translators in The Silicon Valley Area is increasing at a rapid pace. Italian and Russian speaking technical translators must be equipped with sufficient knowledge of technical material as well as having a high understanding of European languages and concepts.

Formatting and Desk Top Publishing of Technical documents is a Key Factor in European Language Technical Translating Projects

There are many ancillary aspects to technical translating that are as important as the actual translation. Screen shots, software localization graphs, charts and pictures make the formatting and desk top publishing of technical documents a very exacting exercise. One of the most common outlets for work in the technical translating industry in The Silicon Valley Area comes from those who speak European languages such as Italian, and Russian. The large amount of Italian, Russian and German consumers and growing international business in The Silicon Valley Area makes it vitally important for the technical translator to understand the consistency that must occur between the graphics and the target language. Since technical translations are done in a multitude of software applications like Framemaker, Filemaker, Publisher, Quarks as well as many others, language companies and technical translators in the Silicon Valley area must be up to date with all the current computer aids that are available in the market today. Electronic glossaries, consistency of phrasing and CAT tools are extremely vital when determining the right language service to use on your technical documents. Hiring a European translation service that provides technical translators who are not qualified in translating Italian, German and Russian material can have some serious consequences, especially in such a unique field as technical translating.

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