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Asian Language Demands in The Silicon Valley’s Non Profit Sector

There are 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States that operate in the public and Private Sector and some of them are located in The Silicon Valley area. This is a 33% increase over the last ten years. As opposed to “for profit business”, non profits do not distribute their funds to owners or shareholders but use these funds to further their goals. Non-Profits work in the widest possible range of areas and reach a broad range of people both domestically and internationally. The political, social, healthcare and educational communities are just some areas that are helped by non profit organizations. The need for Language service in these areas has grown accordingly. As communities continue to diversify, opportunities for foreign language services in The Silicon Valley have soared, particularly in Asian Languages like Armenian, Hindi, Cantonese and Traditional Chinese. The Silicon Valley’s Asian language activity is amongst the biggest in the country and many Non-Profit Organizations are poised for enormous growth. Non-Profit sector translation and interpreting services are used to cover conferences, informational manuals, marketing materials and web site content, just to mention a few. It is absolutely essential to hire an experienced service that provides certified translators, interpreters, and transcriptionist’s for your Hindi, Armenian, Traditional Chinese and Cantonese language needs in The Silicon Valley.

Simplified Chinese, Armenian, Hindi, and Cantonese Language Providers in the Silicon Valley are a Daily Part of Communicating in the Non-profit Sector

Silicon Valley based Non-Profit organizations are on a huge upturn in the last ten years and, as a result, their clientele base has expanded and diversified. The United States is one of the major players when it comes to Non- Profit organizations. With over one million recognized organizations, the need for quality Non-Profit translations services is becoming ever more apparent as translations are a daily part of communicating in the non-profit sector. On a smaller yet still massive scale, The Silicon Valley’s non-profit market deals with a large variety of clients and employees from Asian speaking countries as well as all corners of the globe. This tremendous diversity cannot survive without the contribution of dedicated Asian Language specialists. Foreign Language Specialists are essential in facilitating the many needs of non-profit markets in Asian languages like Armenian, Hindi, Cantonese and Traditional Chinese. Non-Profit translation projects range from the translation of manuals regarding diseases and health to information regarding education, community’s health issues, and political situations. These all represent critical issues for many Non-Profit organizations and have a great effect on the general population. Inaccuracies in translations can prove to cause tremendous consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a translation specialist who is experience and qualified to accomplish your Armenian, Hindi, Cantonese and Simplified Chinese language needs.

The Increasing Need for Interpreters in the Silicon Valley Is Reflective of Its Diverse Communities and International Reach

Resulting from advancement in communication, the Non- Profit community based in The Silicon Valley has seen a tremendous increase in organizations of the last ten years. The Silicon Valley is also very diverse. Interpreting is a huge necessity in the Non-Profit Community in The Silicon Valley. Interpreting for conferences, meetings, educational events and healthcare are necessary requirements for almost all non-profit organizations. Interpreters for any language can be found, however, the high concentration of Asian speakers in The Silicon Valley has created an increasing need for interpreters in a variety of Asian dialects including Cantonese, Hindi, Armenian and Traditional Chinese. It is necessary to search for an Asian interpreter that is most highly qualified in the particular subject matter at hand. To guarantee the best possible work, it is of vital importance that Non-Profit’s seek out the most highly qualified interpreters they can find in the Silicon Valley area.

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Providing Top-Notch Linguistic Assistance to Non-Profits for Over 25 Years

For over a quarter of a Century, American Language Services (AML-Global) has been a premier provider of Asian languages services for Non Profit Organizations in the public and private sector. We provide top quality Traditional Chinese, Cantonese, Hindi and Armenian language services for a significant number of large and small Non-Profits in The Silicon Valley, the domestic US market and abroad. We work around the world in all languages in translation localization, written translations, transcriptions and verbal interpreting. The experienced staff at American Language Services has the experience and cutting edge technology to enable us to find the best qualified local interpreter in every language and location for whatever your assignment may be. American language Services can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800 -951-5020.

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