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Silicon Valley Meeting Interpreters Are Available in A Variety of Asian Languages Including Cantonese, Armenian and Hindi

In The Silicon Valley area interpreters for meetings are in high demand in many languages. The large Asian population and plethora of Companies in The Silicon Valley area create a vast need for meeting and symposium interpreting services in languages such as Cantonese, Armenian and Hindi. In the diverse, fast-paced, and advanced technological world we live in today, the need for meeting and symposium interpreting services is growing at an unprecedented rate. Companies, governmental agencies and educational institutions are continually planning meetings and other events that require the work of interpreters worldwide. Meeting interpreters take on a very demanding task, as they are required to be knowledgeable and experienced in many types of subject matter. Meeting interpreting can take on several different mediums, and work can come in events such as sales seminars, sales presentations, financial reviews, medical events, educational symposiums, new product rollouts, press conferences and world sporting events. In The Silicon Valley area Meeting interpreters are available in a variety of Asian languages, ranging from common ones such as Armenian, Hindi and Cantonese to more exotic and regional dialects. Regardless of the situation, a credentialed meeting interpreter can facilitate the difficult task of bridging the communication gap and bring companies and people together.

Meeting and Symposium Asian Language Interpreting Covers a Wide Range of Fields and Facilitates Knowledge Exchange and Professional Development

Meeting interpreting covers a very broad field and a multitude of topics which require unique and specialized knowledge. One of these specialized aspects of meeting interpreting comes in the form of symposium interpreting. Symposiums are meetings or conferences for public discussion of a specified topic, and the types of people that attend can come from all corners of the globe. Symposiums are a part of thousands of events that are continually planned each and every day and are commonly held in the Silicon Valley area. There are many uses for interpreting in this arena, all helping to facilitate various needs of Asian foreign language speakers and companies worldwide. Symposiums also help provide networking platforms which facilitate knowledge exchange and professional development. This is most true in a cultural hotbed such as The Silicon Valley area, in which Hindi, Armenian and Cantonese are commonly spoken. In The Silicon Valley area symposium interpreters must excel in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, and must be able to fluently speak and understand the targeted language as well as English.

Certification Process Prepares Interpreters to Execute Accurate Interpretation

Interpreting is a very difficult and specialized field that requires intense training, education and a lot of hands on experience. A good interpreter is able to understand and interpret a foreign language into English and vice versa. When concerning meetings and events, this task can become even more difficult because the events can have large, diverse audiences and move along rapidly. The Silicon Valley area is well known for its reputation as a diverse community and due to increasing Asian populations, international events and tourism, languages such as Hindi, Cantonese and Armenian are commonly spoken. The Silicon Valley area’s large Asian populations has created a large demand for Asian language interpreters and new and improved interpreting technology has helped meeting Interpreters bridge the Asian communication gap in high pressure and high profile situations. In order to become a top symposium interpreter in The Silicon Valley area, it is essential for interpreters to go through a rigorous certification process, which includes taking various exams that test the ability of the interpreter to use simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. The certification processes tests the interpreter with a series of oral exams and written exams in simulated actual situations.

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25 Years of Overcoming Language Challenges and Bridging the Communication Gap in The Silicon Valley area

For over a quarter of a Century, American Language Services (AML-Global) has been a premier provider of meeting interpreters, symposium interpreters and Asian language services in the Silicon Valley area. We provide top quality Armenian, Cantonese and Hindi services for a significant number of Major Corporations in the domestic US market and abroad. We work around the world in all languages for written translations, transcriptions and verbal interpreting. The experienced staff at American Language Services has the experience and cutting edge technology to enable us to find the best qualified local interpreter in every language and location for whatever your assignment may be. American Language Services can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-951-5020.

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