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Hmong, Korean and Japanese Language Services Are Vital to the Growth of the Medical Device Industry in Dallas/ Fort Worth

Over the years there has been a noticeable upturn in the need for translations in the medical manufacturing arena. This unique field of the language industry has achieved substantial worldwide growth both in overall sales and improved product technologies. Medical Device companies are targeting major world markets particularly in key languages such as Japanese, Korean and Hmong making medical device translations a vital component in achieving your overall objectives. It is extremely important to work with a translation firm that is ISO 13485 and 9001 certified in the medical manufacturing industry as compliance and regulatory issues are ever present throughout the world .

Medical Software Localization is Performed in Dallas/ Fort Worth, one of the World’s Premier Centers of High Technology

Software localization is the method of converting a software product into the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of an intended market. Medical software localization involves many areas including medical imaging systems, software graphic user interface and user manuals. Medical software products created here are marketed across the world in a wide variety of languages. The technical and linguistic experience in Japanese, Hmong, and Korean that is needed in this field must be at a very high level. Medical software translation requires complex software tools to assist a procedure which can be time consuming and costly. These tools are commonly referred to as computer aided translation (CAT) tools.

Dallas/ Fort Worth’s Key Role in Software Localization, and the Critical Tasks of a Medical Device Translator

Software localization is the conversion and adaptation of a software or web product and all related product documentation. Medical software localization projects often run in parallel with the development of the source product to enable simultaneous shipment of all language versions, including Korean, Japanese and Hmong. As technology in terms of medicine and hospital machinery has advanced, so has the demand for translation in the medical device field. Medical device translators must be experienced and knowledgeable in the specific medical terminology associated with a particular arena. In order to become certified in the medical translating field, one must be educated in the medical terminology as well as being fluent in a target language such as Hmong, Korean and Japanese. To gain certification, one is required to pass a series of tests that rigorously examine the skills necessary in this highly technical field.

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Top Quality Medical Device Language Solutions in Dallas/ Fort Worth Are a Phone Call or Web Click Away

For over a Quarter of a Century, American Language Services (AML-Global) has been a premier provider of language services. We provide top quality medical device translations and medical software localization services for a significant number of major medical corporations in Japanese, Korean and Hmong in the domestic US market and abroad. AML-Global is ISO 13485 and 9001 certified. We work in Dallas/ Fort Worth and around the world in all languages for written translations, transcriptions and verbal interpreting. The experienced staff at American Language Services has the experience and cutting edge technology to enable us to find the best qualified local interpreter in every language and location for whatever your assignment may be. American Language Services can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800 -951-5020.

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