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For nearly a quarter of a century American Language Services ? (AML-Global) has been a preeminent provider of translating services for the Patent industry. We provide top quality services for a significant number of major Patent corporations in the domestic US market and abroad. We work around the world in all languages for written translations and verbal translating. The experienced staff at American Language Services has the experience and cutting edge technology to enable us to find the best qualified local translator in every language and location especially in Boston for whatever your assignment may be.

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Voiceovers or off-camera commentary is a relatively invisible but integral facet of filmmaking, radio broadcasting, commercial television, and other media entities used for the internet, news communication, and education.

Voiceover work is generally performed by a voice actor who records his or her performance only in the audio format?that is without visual representation. The recording is then added to the film, television show, commercial, radio-spot, media presentation, internet advertisement, or educational/instructional video, DVD, or the like. The actor is seen and not heard, leaving the viewer to immerse in the visuals before him or her, as the recipient of a “narrated” story.

Although Voiceovers have been used since the early days of radio, they have been a staple of modern filmmaking and television advertising for well over 50 years?since films became talkies in the 1920’s. In recent years, the internet has come to the forefront of the industry. Web designers, bloggers, and web forums utilize voiceover recordings to enhance the visual experience rendered by the web. Docents, leasing agents, and architectural firms, have also joined the ranks by adding voiceovers to virtual tours of museums, apartment buildings, or plans for landscaping/architectural design. The voiceovers pique the sensory experience, audibly, and allow for greater enjoyment of and attraction to the various web media.

Whatever your Voiceover needs, American Language Services is ready to provide voice over recordings, in virtually any language desirable?servicing any industry or individual that requires the age-old art of the voice over.

Whatever your needs are, AML-Global is there to assist you in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.


For filmmakers and production companies, worldwide distribution of film is not only preferable, but a necessity in today’s global economy. In order to meet the needs of the global constituents and target audiences, films need to be accessible and palatable to the audiences?and language is a key factor in the reception of a film.

For many filmmakers, dubbing a film into a foreign language can ruin the texture or flow of a film whose subtleties may rely upon an actor’s vocal performance. Without compromising the original artistic vision of an auteur filmmaker, subtitles can be used to relay the story, plot, and dialogue of a film in one language for an audience who speaks another. American Language Services offers comprehensive, professional, and accurate translators who make sure nothing is lost in translation when it comes to the execution of dialogue via subtitle.

Though the average filmgoer may not ever know it, subtitling is an art unto itself?not simply a translation. Adding subtitles to a film requires an innate sense of timing and an acute understanding of the tenure, resonance and theme of a film. During a scene of dialogue, for instance, the subtitles may be timed after the spoken dialogue or even before as to properly punctuate the scene visually, and thematically.

A good subtitler understands the film, both languages, and the theme that must ultimately be conveyed?which is very important since certain words and phrases simply cannot be translated verbatim. Like a film editor, the subtitler must decide what dialogue is necessary, and what can be trimmed so that it translates properly and fits on the screen in the time allotted.

Though film companies may have facilities for subtitling, it is wise and preferred to have a tried and true translator wielding the artistic rendering of the dialogue for audiences who speak a different language. American Language Services (AML-Global) has a variety of translators for a wide variety of languages who have experience, dedication, and a passion for the art of subtitling. Let AML-Global take your filmic vision around the world and beyond.

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