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Ghaziabad is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and a part of the National Capital Region of Delhi. It is the administrative headquarters of Ghaziabad district and is the largest city in western Uttar Pradesh, with a population of 2,358,525.geography of Ghaziabad it should be mentioned that this Indian city is located in between Ganga – Yamuna doab. Its length is approximately 72Kms. and the breadth is 37kms. According to the 1991 report, it is said that the total district area was approximately 2590.0 sq.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

The city of Ghaziabad was founded in AD 1740 by Ghazi-ud-Din who served as a wazir in the court of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah and named it as “Ghaziuddinnagar” after his own name. The name “Ghaziuddinnagar” was shortened to its present form, i.e. “Ghaziabad” with the opening of the Railways in 1864.People & Culture of Ghaziabad. People & culture of Ghaziabad gives an overview of the tradition and customs of the residents of the city. Ghaziabad is a prosperous Indian city and has an approximate population of 968,521. Ghaziabad Religion 2011 Hinduism is the majority religion in Ghaziabad city with 82.50 % followers. Islam is the second most popular religion in the city of Ghaziabad with approximately 14.18 % following it. In Ghaziabad city, Christianity is followed by 0.78 %, Jainism by 0.71 %, Sikhism by 0.96 % and Buddhism by 0.96 %.

Brief City  History

Ghaziabad has a towing history from the mythological, archaeological, monarchical, patriotic and industrial point of view. It is one of the ancient places which is mentioned in the mythological epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Garhmukteshwar, Pooth Village, and Ahar region was prominent during the Mahabharata period and the history of Loni Fort dates back to the time of Ramayana. It is believed that the Loni fort is associated with Lavanasur. The archaeological evidence point the existence of civilization developed near Mohan Nagar, on the banks of River Hindon in 2500 B.C. The monarchical history of Ghaziabad is also very vivid. It states that Ghaziabad was founded by Wazir Ghazi-ud-din who named the city after himself as Ghaziuddinnagar in 1740 AD. Later the name changed to Ghaziabad. This modern city has undergone the reign of several rulers like Samudragupta, Muhammad-Bin-Tughlak, Taimur, Mughals and Marathas. During Colonial rule, Ghaziabad has played a major role in the struggle for Indian Independence. Ghaziabad has given birth to some of the eminent freedom fighters who fought vehemently under the leadership of Gandhiji during the revolution. In the year 1940, the first modern industry was set up in Ghaziabad that expanded post-independence. On 14 November 1976, Ghaziabad was declared as a district and since then, it has prospered to leaps and bounds in terms of social, economic, political, industrial and agricultural aspects.

Language (s) Written & Spoken

The city of Ghaziabad has over 535 villages and the languages mostly spoken consists of Hindi, Urdu, and English.

Important Types of Commerce in Ghaziabad

This group of industries constitutes the largest single group at Modi Nagar, Pilkhwa, Ghaziabad, Simbhaoli and Garhmukteshwar. The important agro-based industries as illustrated in table No. 1 are cotton, textile, sugar, breweries, Flour Industry, oil mills etc.

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