Conference Interpreting General Tips

Tips for Conference & Event Interpreting

American language Services has been providing On-Site & Virtual language services, equipment and technical support for Conferences, Trade Shows, Symposiums, Meetings & Training sessions for almost 4 decades. We have worked at locations throughout the U.S. and Worldwide on a myriad of projects, subjects, with a multitude of languages, and equipment needs. Conferences and events can be complicated, and they include many elements that need to work together in unison. Below we will outline some good practical tips to assist you with your upcoming conference/event.

Good Tips for You to Consider

  • Tip #1: Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
    • Larger events should be scheduled 90 – 120 days out.
    • Smaller events should be scheduled 45 – 90 days out.
    • Introductions between your interpreting company, key on site personnel from your team, your venue and your AV Company should take place early in the process.
  • Tip #2: Know Your Language Needs
    • Decide if you want language service On-Site or Virtually.
    • Find out how many guests will be needing language services in each language.
    • Communicate which specific languages you need.
    • Indicate which dialect or which countries your guests will be from.
    • Also indicate which dialect(s) your speakers or your panel will be using.
    • Share your detailed meeting schedule with your language provider.
  •  Tip #3: Discuss Your Equipment Needs with the Experts
    • There are many options when it comes to obtaining professional interpreting equipment.
    • Discuss the schedule and set up of the event.
    • How many rooms will the event be in?
    • What are the times in each of the rooms?
    • The answers to the above questions will help determine the specific equipment options that will work best for you.
    • Equipment options include fully encapsulated booths, tabletop booths, portable equipment, receivers, transmitters, wave cast technology, recording equipment to name some.
  • Tip #4: Communicate the Subject of Your Event
    • Ask for prep material from your speakers or clients.
    • Send over any general information you have on the event.
    • Send over any specific terminology for your event.
    • Determine if you will be needing any materials translated for your guests.
      • If so, please make sure that the materials are sent over at least a few weeks ahead of time, if possible.
  • Tip #5: Book Your Event Well in Advance
    • It is important that your event is scheduled on a timely basis (See Tip #1).
    • This will allow for any changes to be made, as needed, throughout the process.
    • This will also allow time for all the players to coordinate and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Reduce Your Stress & Put on a World Class Event

Every event you do has unique characteristics and details can change greatly from event to event. What is not unique is the need for proper event planning. This is one of the critical elements to ensuring your event will be successful and can also take considerable pressure off yourself by not waiting to the last minute.

We understand that when you’re managing an event, interpreting services is just one element of the entire picture that has many other aspects to consider. Sometimes, interpreting services are below the radar and are lower on the priority list. However, as noted above, we have provided some excellent practical tips to guide you along and make your event smooth and exceptional.

About American Language Services

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