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Interpreting In South Carolina

Interpreters play an essential part in bridging the communication gap, providing the necessary services that can facilitate difficulties people have with language differences. The need for legal interpreting, medical interpreting and business interpreting is growing at an unprecedented rate. South Carolina makes sure to promote the recognition of translating and interpreting as a profession, and support the interests and concerns of professional translators and interpreters. The state encourages high-quality service and ethical business practice among members, and informs the public about translating and interpreting. South Carolina deems it necessary to facilitate mutual assistance among translators and interpreters and to provide a medium for collaboration with persons in allied professions.

South Carolina Legal Interpreter Certification Program

The continuing diversity in South Carolina’s population has created a greater need for these services. The Hispanic population has increased steadily as well as other ethnic groups within the state. The legal system is greatly affected by these factors. The court interpreter is a specially trained professional who possesses a variety of skills that distinguish him or her from bilingual persons who simply speak two languages. The interpreter plays a vital role in facilitating communication within the judicial system at hearings arbitrations and depositions for the non-English speaker and ensures due process by putting the non-English speaker on the same footing as the person who understands English. It is much more than being bilingual. Court interpreters must be able to do sight translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Summarizing, paraphrasing, changing or omitting is not acceptable.

Simultaneous conference Interpreting

To qualify for a court interpreter license, an individual must fill out an application form, demonstrating adequacy in English and court interpreting. Certified Court Interpreters must take written and oral examinations which are developed by the State Court Interpreter Certification part of the National Center for State Courts. The written examination measures the candidates’ English comprehension and knowledge of court terms. The oral examination measures the candidates’ interpreting skills and is given at one sitting in three parts which are recorded. Part 3 of the exam is simultaneous interpreting. This part of the examination requires the candidate to listen to and simultaneously interpret a recorded speech of a Lawyer. A person may not interpret for a hearing-impaired individual at a court proceeding or advertise or represent that the person is a certified court interpreter unless the person holds an appropriate certificate under this subchapter.

Conference interpreting in South Carolina

Simultaneous conference interpretation requires special equipment that consists of soundproof booths, headphones, microphones, interpreters’ console and many other components depending on the size and complexity of the event. The global economy has created a greater need for these services in South Carolina. The great weather and proximity to the ocean also make South Carolina a destination spot for many corporate meeting planners. Simultaneous conference interpreting is a demanding field and takes a very high degree of skill and experience in a broad range of subject matter. Technical expertise is also a key element to successful conferences as interpreting equipment like headsets and sound reduction booths are often required to make an event run smoothly and seamlessly for the attendees. The regulations and certification processes that are relevant in South Carolina make sure your conference interpreting needs are met in this demanding field.

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