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Providing Top Quality Transcription Services for the Marketing Research Industry

American Language Services (AML-Global) is a preeminent specialist in the Marketing Research transcription market. Transcriptions are one of the fastest growing services in the language industry today. As a result, transcription services are in high demand and are used by a multitude of companies, institutions and individuals alike.

At its basis, transcription is the conversion of recorded spoken language into written, typewritten or printed form. If this involves more than one language then the transcriptions are typically translated to a target language. With today's advanced technology transcription work has become much more accurate, diverse and complex. Transcriptions are done from virtually all types of formats, including a wide variety of digital files as well as DVDs, CDs, and older technology like cassettes and microcassettes.

We work in virtually every digital format of media including: MP3, Wav Files, DAT, MPEJ, WMV and AVI to name some are a key factor in selecting a company to work with. As a result, language specialists must be well-trained and able to handle many different types of media.

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Providing Transcriptions for the Marketing Research Industry

Today's business world has created a huge need in the field of foreign language transcription services as result of its increasing diversity and technology. Companies are in need of transcriptions on a daily basis to perform a multitude of projects. For the market research industry we mainly provide translations/ transcriptions for focus groups, interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and other types of market research.

While the types of projects can be very different from each other. There are many commonalities as well. . Our research clients need very accurate transcriptions/ translations, they need to be done promptly and cost effectively as well.

It is essential to understand the target audience and be able to customize both products and services to be able to connect with specific targets. Accurate transcriptions/ translations are an essential tool in being able to better understand and evaluate what is being communicated. Once this is established it is much easier to make important target market decisions and have the desired impact your clients want.

Transcriptions are Verbatim or Summarized

Many factors go into the transcription process such as quality of the audio, number of speakers, time coding, subject matter and turnaround time requested. Transcription projects can be completed as quickly as 1 day for expedited service. This depends on the preference of the client and what is being requested.

The first type and most prevalent transcription style is verbatim. This variation requires the transcriptionist to convert the material from audio to text, word for word, without any summarization. The second type is summarized transcription which allows the transcriptionist to eliminate unnecessary information from the audio. Verbatim Transcriptions are more commonly used by most industries, while summarized transcriptions are used for a cleaner more efficient product, as well as when time is a factor. Producing exceptional service for many different types of transcription projects is an important element when selecting a transcription company.

Common languages for transcriptions are: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, among many. The use of state of the art technology to be able to transfer files into the best digital format available and respond in an expedited way are major transcription factors. Multi lingual transcriptionists and superior technology allow for quicker responses to your quote requests and greater enhancement of turnaround times.

Who We Are

For over 35 years American Language Services has been a premier provider of audio & video transcription services. We provide top quality services for a significant number of Medical Corporations, Law Firms, Law Enforcement, Educational, Governmental, Non-Profits, Media, Marketing Research and Entertainment industries in the domestic U.S. market and abroad. We work around the world providing transcription services in over 200 languages. Our linguists have the experience, expertise and cutting edge technology to work with a wide variety of industries. AML-Global services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week call 1-800 -951-5020, email us at or visit us at

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