Medical Interpreting Specialists

For nearly a quarter of a century American Language Services (AML-Global) has been a preeminent Medical Interpreting provider. Over many years we have developed an excellent reputation for the quality of our interpreters and well as our unsurpassed client services. AML-Global works with many prominent hospitals, medical and surgery centers, and doctor offices as well as medical/legal cases across the country and in the international arena. We have effectively completed thousands of medical assignments over the years. These assignments include: Pre-surgery meetings, initial medical appointments, follow up appointments, consultations, Workers Compensation hearings, litigated matters and many others.

Local Interpreters for Your Medical Proceeding

Since 1985, AML-Global has provided medical interpreters in every major market and most other smaller markets in the United States as well as around the world. AML-Global interpreters are experienced, knowledgeable and highly effective in all types of medical environments. Our interpreters speak over 240 languages, and are highly accomplished in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Our depth of local quality interpreters is crucial in reducing our costs by eliminating expensive travel, hotel and other logistic arrangements. AML-Global interpreters are a talented group, consisting of credentialed professionals who are experienced in many types of medical settings.

Certifications and Qualifications for Medical Interpreting

When clients contact us to provide “Medical Certified Interpreters”, for medical related proceedings, there is often confusion as to what this actually means. The term “Medical Certified” refers to a specific designation that interpreters receive by completing course work and then by passing challenging verbal and written tests.

It is interesting to note that these designations are not uniform throughout the United States. Each state has its own designations, and most have none at all. The great majority of the states do not have an official “Medical Certified designation”. Instead they use the “Professionally Qualified” designation. This status takes into account an interpreter’s practical experience and educational background. There are no official tests for this designation.

Providing the Right Medical Interpreting Specialist for Your Proceeding

We have a vast resource base of certified medical interpreters located around the county and a skilled and friendly staff to help you promptly and cost effectively fulfill your request. Please contact us for a free quote, or to place an order today.

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