Language Solutions for Mass Media and the Entertainment Industry 

With a worldwide audience, a global economy and a growing and diverse population, entertainment,media and production companies are stretching their boundaries more than ever before. Translation and Interpretation of information relating to filming, locations, employees, appearance releases and contracts has become an essential factor in achieving the proper foundation for any production project. 

Legal Issues Require Legal Translation Experts

When translating legal documents, it is critical that the translations are done by qualified legal translation experts. There is a bevy of liability issues that pertain to release agreementslocation agreements, real-estate usage, and general compliance documents. Filming and production is currently going on in a myriad of locations around the world and native tongue translators are critical to make sure the documents are culturally and legally correct. Using in house employees to translate legal documents can create a host of liability issues if problems arise. American Language Services has the legal talent and 26 years of legal translation experience in the entertainment field to insure that all the documents are translated accurately and on time. 

Native Speakers are the Key for Accurate Work

When working in a foreign country or dealing with foreign talent and companies it is of paramount importance that the translation be culturally correct. Using native speakers who are familiar with the customs and laws of particular countries is the key for accurate work. At American Language Services, we have the native speaking experts you need in every country around the world. 

Cost Effective Solutions for Media and Entertainment Companies

Outsourcing of legal document translation pertaining to production issues is both cost effective and timely. American Language Services understands the deadlines and quick turnarounds required in the Entertainment Field. Our experienced staff of Legal Translation experts in the media market can help you achieve your goals without the worry of miscommunication of your terms and agreements. American Language Services has firmly established its place as a premier provider of Translation Services in the Entertainment Industry.

Whatever your needs are, AML-Global is there to assist you in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.

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