Which type of interpretation do I need?

VRI, On-site and OPI are your three Options

You might think that interpreting jobs can only be done in one way, but that’s not the truth. You can schedule an interpreting assignment depending on your needs in three main ways. These services are adjusted to maintain the commitment to fulfill all of your requirements. It doesn’t matter if what you are requesting seems too complicated because that’s where VRI, On-site, and OPI come to the rescue.

Sometimes, if the demand for interpreting is too low, finding people in certain areas to cover those assignments becomes challenging, but that does not mean they can’t be done. If no interpreters can be located on-site, VRI and OPI are the two other great ways to cover an interpreting assignment, and they can be done regardless of place, zone, time, language, and subject.

Interpreting in Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield is well known for being the display of the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History which focuses on geology and paleontology, and the California Living Museum, which explores the state’s flora and fauna. It is also a significant hub for both agriculture and energy production. It is the ninth most populated city in California, resulting in a multicultural community full of people who speak more than one language. Besides English and Spanish, a large community requires ASL interpretation and languages like Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

The need to book interpreting services has increased in this city recently as the oil industry has grown. The labor requirement has opened up new possibilities for an international market, where having the right tools will be essential to keep up with the evolving industry.

Interpreting in modern surroundings

Modernity has forced us to change how we live daily. Due to discoveries and technologies, we have developed new ways of communicating with the world around us. We have managed to create much more accessible and effective communication channels to make this world interconnected and melodic and allowing us the luxury of understanding beyond our previous knowledge.

The evolution of industries also represents the evolution of individuals and our enormous interest in encompassing more knowledge. Industries as complex as the oil sector require particular profiles that meet the requirements to be part of prepared and cautious teams. Doing business requires extensive knowledge and specific skills, which are only sometimes appreciated in the case of cultural and language differences. That is why companies dedicated to interpreting services stay updated and prepared to provide the necessary support.

Let’s break those communication barriers!

American Language Services er et dypt forankret språktjenesteselskap med nesten fire tiår med erfaring. Tolking på stedet, video-fjerntolking og over-telefon er de tre standard tolkealternativene vi tilbyr. Men vi gir også våre kunder oversettelse, transkripsjon og ulike medietjenester.

Vi tilbyr språktjenester til privat og offentlig sektor, slik som offentlige, utdannings- og ideelle organisasjoner. 

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