On-site, OPI or VRI – Which one do you need?

Interpreting assignments

The needs of each individual or company can vary significantly from one interpretation project to another, which is why the world of language services offers different ways to carry out each task. The companies in charge of offering this language service have specialized in providing all clients with a simple and effective way of resolving each of their specific requirements, allowing interpretation to be performed at any time and place. The three main ways to accomplish interpreting projects without complications are on-site (face-to-face interpreting), VRI (virtually using platforms like Zoom or Google Meet), or OPI (over the phone).

Interpreting in Austin, MN

There will always be people who do not speak or master the same language, so it is essential to have the necessary tools to allow communication to flow harmoniously and without problems. In communities where languages other than English are spoken, for example, in Austin, MN, there are a lot of different languages. The five largest ethnic groups speak different languages in Austin, so languages like Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Burmese, Hindi, Arabic, and many others are usually in daily conversations. We make it simpler and easier to find ways of communicating with all of these languages and offer various options to fulfill all necessities that might come in the way of any interaction. It doesn’t represent a significant problem if the need for an interpreter is urgent or for having a conference call with a new vendor from around the world. We will be happy to assist with any request.

Modernizing interpreting services

In a fast-paced and changing world, companies that offer interpreting services must keep up with the needs that arise every day. We seek to renew and adapt our services to provide the required support to anyone who needs to study, understand, learn, or investigate more in the world of languages. We know that it is a complex task; however, we remain firmly committed to providing excellent service and meeting our goals of keeping the world united.

Additionally, Austin, MN, is home to Hormel Institute, a leading cancer research institution operated by the University of Minnesota and with significant support from the Mayo Clinic. Such an extensive research facility also represents the need for specialized interpreters familiar with medical terminology that can help out everyone who might need these types of services. In the medical/healthcare field, ASL interpretation has been highly requested and successfully delivered by companies like ours, bringing us one step forward to a more inclusive world.

We’d be honored to assist you with your request!

American Language Services е компанија за јазични услуги со длабоки корени со речиси четири децении искуство. Толкување на лице место, видео-далечинско толкување и преку телефон се трите стандардни опции за толкување што ги нудиме. Но, ние исто така им обезбедуваме на нашите клиенти превод, транскрипција и разни медиумски услуги.

Ние обезбедуваме јазични услуги за приватниот и јавниот сектор, како што се владини, образовни и непрофитни организации.

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