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Interpreting services provide a wide range of possibilities, each adapting to the different needs of each company or individual request. It may be easier if the interpretation is OPI (over-the-phone interpretation) because of the conditions, distance, or time difference. On-site can be done, too, depending on the availability of interpreters in a specific area or their accessibility to travel, or VRI (video-remote interpretation) for accessible encounters at all times.

Interpreting in Alexandria, VA

From time to time, interpreting services tend to be more specific depending on the topic of the request. The interpreting world in Alexandria has been influenced by its proximity to the U.S. capital, where a large amount of the requested interpreting services usually round up around the topics of federal civil services, military, and private companies that offer their services to the Federal Government. This service requires a specific type of interpreter specialized in the terminology and the exact vocabulary.

Millions of Americans speak languages other than English in their homes; in the case of Alexandria, there are a lot of Indo-European language speakers, such as French and Farsi. There is also a big community of Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai speakers. So, the availability of interpreters for multicultural tasks in Alexandria, VA is high, and it can be easier to schedule On-site options.

It is crucial to emphasize that ASL is also one of the most requested interpretation services. It is also well known that the Spanish-speaking community keeps growing and is very present in Alexandria, VA. Booking an interpreter should always be an available option. It does not only help to keep truthfulness, but it also brings people closer, helping them understand each other and express their ideas perfectly.

Modern World Interpreting

It is our nature to keep evolving and changing. We as humans are capable of renewing and adapting to new situations as the world also changes, and the ways of interpreting change and evolve too! The way we communicate must keep at the top of the chart in our priorities list, as it is one of the most important things to keep connected harmonically. With many different circumstances worldwide, our ways of keeping in touch and fulfilling our necessities as individuals have led us to new ways of communication. As a company, we have helped many people end these communication barriers.

Being close to the U.S. capital also influences this city’s economy. The interpretation services requested in the area are usually about business meetings, client calls, or Federal Government matters. By being a multicultural environment, the languages requested are easy to find for On-site projects, even though VRI is always another great option to make things smoother.

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Video-remote, over-the-phone and on-site are the three standard options of interpreting that we offer as a company, but translation, media and transcription services are also provided for our clients to fulfill their specific needs. American Language Services is a deep-rooted language service company with almost four decades of experience.

Providing language services to public and private sectors, such as non-profit, educational, and governmental organizations.

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