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FEATURED LANGUAGE SERVICES Professional Language Services in over 200 Languages Worldwide For more than a quarter century American Language Services (ALS), through its expertise, has been connecting a wide variety of Corporate Businesses, Law Firms, Governmental Institutions and Non-Profits across the United States and Worldwide. ALS offers a full spectrum of language services. We deliver […]


LANGUAGE INTERPRETING SERVICES Professional Interpreting Services American Language Services offers multi-language interpreting services Translating ALS Technical Translation Services – Technical Translating American Language Services Language Translation Services American Language Services Technical Translators American Language Services Web Localization American Language Services Document Localization American Language Services Document Translation American Language Services Document Translators American Language Services […]


TRANSLATION ARTICLES Localization Services If you’re like many of the top businesses today, you must realize how important it is to communicate effectively with business partners from all over the world. Localization is a process which has greatly improved the way international business partners relate to one another. When you localize your documents, you adapt […]

Technical Experts:

TECHNICAL TRANSLATION SERVICES Technical Translators For years, translation has been well known to be one of the most difficult fields in the language business, requiring the utmost expertise and experience. Translation work is also extremely diversified and requires work in many different types of environments. One of the most specialized and challenging fields in translation […]


LEGAL INTERPRETERS Interpreting Services in the Legal Area As a result of today’s global economy, diversity and advanced technology, English and foreign language interpreting has become an increasingly pivotal service that is necessary in facilitating language needs for the complex makeup of communities worldwide. One of the most common forms of interpreting required from international […]

Federal & State Court Certified

COURT CERTIFIED INTERPRETERS Court Interpreting Services In the field of legal interpreting the importance of having credentialed and court certified interpreters who are experienced and able to handle to intricacies of legal proceedings is paramount. Interpreting in the legal field can be difficult as it requires expert skills in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. In […]

Tours & Hosting

TOUR INTERPRETERS Interpreting Services for Tours On a daily basis thousands of visitors travel around the world for many types of reasons including leisure, business, family matters, and legal requirements to name just a few. Tourism is one of the leading industries in the world, and often interpreting services are needed to enhance travel experiences […]

Conference & Conventions

CONFERENCE INTERPRETERS Experienced Conference and Conventions Interpreters There are tens of thousands of conferences held around the world each day. In the United States, a major market like Las Vegas, accounts for over 22,000 events each year. In total, there are well in excess of 240,000 events held within the Unites States yearly. Major domestic […]


CERTIFIED MEDICAL INTERPRETERS Medical Interpreting One of the major areas of demand for interpreting services is generated from the healthcare industry. The medical field is constantly challenged with people who speak languages other than English and healthcare providers, medical facilities and patients alike have a great need for certified medical interpreters. Medically certified interpreters provide […]


WORKING WITH MEETING PLANNERS AND KEY VENUES Venues are critical to the Success of Conferences, Conventions, Educational Centers, Symposiums, Meetings & Trade Shows When meeting and destination planners, internal corporate planners and other buyers are looking for a place for their event, it is essential that they select a venue that is the right fit […]

Mob. tālr.

INTERPRETING PHONE INTERPRETING SPECIALISTS For nearly a quarter of a century American Language Services (AML-Global) has provided phone interpreting services worldwide. Over many years, we have developed an excellent reputation for quality of interpreters and unsurpassed client services. AML-Global works with a myriad of corporations, law firms, governmental departments, non-profit organizations, schools and prominent hospitals […]

Technical Interpreting

TECHNICAL INTERPRETING SERVICES Technical Interpreters One of the most unique, and specialized fields in interpreting is that of technical interpreting. A technical interpreter is one who works at events where engineering, medical, or technical subject matter will be discussed. This subject matter can be extremely specific and difficult for the average person to understand and […]

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