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Specialized Legal Services

Along with our traditional language services American Language Services® (AML-Global) offers unique legal language services:

Expert Witness Testimony

Legal cases involving non-English speakers or writers, companies outside of the U.S., and foreign governments can be very complex and difficult to win. The outcome of these cases can hinge on the accuracy of translated and transcribed documents. Our experienced and credentialed legal language experts are skilled in appearing at trials and other legal proceedings, in testifying to the accuracy and credibility of language related matters.

Trial Preparations

Witness testimony is a critical element to many legal cases. It can often be difficult, tense and ultimately critical to the success or failure to a case. AML-Global can assist the legal firms in their expert witness prep from a foreign language point of view. We can bridge the communication gap between English and non-English speakers and make sure nothing gets lost in the translation. This has been proven time after time as a valuable communication tool.


In-Office Document Reviews

When law firms are involved with large cases or cases with large amounts of documents involving languages other than English, we provide in office document review services. This allows attorneys to be able to review foreign documents at a much faster pace and get the general and specific meaning of the documents. They can discern what is important to a case and what is not. This allows them to focus on the important elements, save time and ultimately money.

Once the documents are narrowed down and categorized by priority, the volume of documents are naturally reduced and often by significant amounts. The balance of the reviewed documents can then be translated and, since they are much smaller in volume, overall costs are reduced and the speed to translate the documents is greatly increased.

Special Editing

Many attorneys work with documents and translate them in house. These in-house translations are sometimes done quickly and roughly and are done to get a general idea of what is being said. Law firms hire us to go through the documents and in essence clean and polish them up to the highest possible quality.

We have 15 strategically located offices to service a wide array of client needs. We utilize state of the art technology tools along with expert linguists, in-house staff, and superior processes to provide world class service.

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