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Corporate Legal Departments

Legal Proceedings

For over 30 years, American Language Services (AML-Global) has done extensive work for in-house corporate legal departments. We provide full language services for translations, interpreting, transcriptions and media services. We work around the world in over 200 languages for all legal related matters. We provide document translations and transcriptions for a multitude of legal needs. AML-Global also certifies the translated and transcribed transcripts for use in legal proceedings. For legal interpreting requests, we provide certified, credentialed and experienced legal specialists for all legal proceedings such as trials, depositions, hearings, mediation and arbitrations.

Important Legal Related Matters:

We also work closely with the interrelated areas of compliance, regulatory, human resources, training and corporate governance. These important areas are often directed, overseen and managed by the in-house legal. Often these critical areas are about maintaining and implementing best practices to make sure corporations are doing things correctly and arfe in full compliance, thus limiting possible liability exposure.

International Work:

For both in-house legal staff and laws firms, we provide the full scope of our services internationally as well. We have interpreters who are credentialed in the U.S. and are available to travel internationally for various cases. If U.S. based interpreters are not required, we also have a large depth of locally-based international interpreters who are located in a multitude of home countries. If U.S. based interpreters are requested to travel internationally, we have a large pool of certified and credentialed individuals who are available.

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We have 15 strategically located offices to service a wide array of client needs. We utilize state of the art technology tools along with expert linguists, in-house staff, and superior processes to provide world class service.

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