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A Multilingual World of Expertise Helps Drive the Evolution of the Hardware of Language Translation Technology in Silicon Valley

Have you ever been impressed by the worldly glamour of the translation booths at major international events, or places like the United Nations? Although language interpretation can be performed with the simplest of means, we’ve become accustomed to the multicultural embrace of simultaneous headphone interpretation as a “must” for the world’s most significant meetings. Simultaneous translating is when the translator delivers the spoken words in the target-language immediately from the source language, and continually translates as the speaker speaks.

Technology Must Assist the Mandarin, Tagalog or Cantonese Interpreter, Not Make the Job Harder. Silicon Valley Conferences and Meetings need Top of the Line Local Equipment

State of the Art interpreting equipment is a must at events that require simultaneous interpreting in Tagalog, Mandarin or Cantonese. Interpreters in coordination with technicians must use complex modern technical equipment while they translate words and concepts into a language. Simultaneous translators do not just substitute words in one language for words in another. It is a matter of understanding the thought expressed in one language and then explaining it using the resources of another language. Sophisticated interpreting equipment is the communicating conduit. These specific skills sets require you to work with a language company that has experienced simultaneous translators with the appropriate background for your needs, and a robust local supply of the best technical gear and assistance for every occasion.

Mandarin, Tagalog or Cantonese, and Other Special Portable Equipment Needs in Silicon Valley

Stationary equipment is not the only system used in interpreting foreign languages. Portable equipment is often used for factories tours, museums, power plants, zoos, theme parks, tourist attractions, bus tours, or walking tours- anywhere hearing assistance is required for tour-type presentations. Wireless Portable systems ensure that listeners don’t miss the message, and the presentation doesn’t disturb others. It also fulfills the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements for hearing assistance. The tour guide wears a compact, body-pack transmitter and headset microphone. Listeners use portable receivers and lightweight headphones to hear every word clearly and easily, even in the back of the group.

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Solution Based Technologies that Provide for Greater Efficiency and Bottom Line Cost Savings to Event Organizers, from American Language Services (AML-Global)

We provide the highest quality audio electronics for public event interpreting and translation, including top of the line brand name like William Sound Equipment, as well as other fine manufactured products to ensure state-of-the-art performance for your event, in Mandarin, Tagalog and Cantonese as well as any language. AML-Global sells and rents wireless FM headsets, receivers, body pack transmitters, sound reduction booths, fully enclosed booths and other equipment critical for real-time live events. We also provide a high level of local technical support through our on-site technicians. We have many years of direct experience which allows us to offer a high level of project management for effective communications, general planning, overall coordination and technology expertise.

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