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Transcription Services in the Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles is home to people from more than 140 countries speaking 240 different identified languages. Ethnic enclaves like Chinatown, Historic Filipino town, Korea town, Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia, Little Tokyo, and Thai Town provide examples of the diverse character of Los Angeles. Recently, Los Angeles has been determined a majority-minority city, meaning that the minority population is greater than that of American descent. As a result of this astonishing diversity, the need for quality Los Angeles translation services services is at an all-time high. Language services for the legal, business, medical and governmental arenas are needed daily and working with experienced translation specialists is of critical importance.

Legal Translation Services in Los Angeles

With its broad diversity, and booming population, the city of Los Angeles has perhaps the most active legal industry in the country, particularly as it pertains to translation of documents. Documents needing translation in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Tagalog and a multitude of other languages are being submitted to the courts and governmental institutions in huge numbers. Legal translation is the translation of texts within the field of law. This task can be extremely trying, and the mistranslation of documents could lead to very costly results. It is absolutely necessary to find a qualified or certified translator when converting a document for legal purposes. The professional legal translatormust understand the intended use of the translation and the very specific terminology within the law. Contracts, patents, human resource documents, correspondence, studies and reports are just some of the many types of legal documents that need translation.

Translation in the Diverse Business Community of Los Angeles

Foreign languages represent a challenge for many businesses. Los Angeles businesses need to communicate in other languages across a wide range of industries with clients, communities, employees and governmental agencies. Hiring the right translating service will enable you to communicate efficiently and effectively. Manufacturing, advertising, financial, market research and entertainment firms all need to convert business documents and need translation services in a myriad of formats. Graphics of all kinds play a critical element in many business translation projects. Desk top publishing of these documents is a critical element in achieving the integrity of the original material and using a language expert is of utmost importance if you want to achieve your business objective.

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For more than a quarter century American Language Services has been connecting Los Angeles’s population and business community on many different levels. American Language Services is ISO Certified and delivers cost effective and timely solutions for all your language needs. The expert staff at American Language Services has the experience and cutting edge technology to enable us to find the best qualified translator or interpreter in every language and location for whatever your assignment may be. American language Services can be reached 24 hours/ 7 days a week at 800-951-5020.

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