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Transcription in Las Vegas

One of the up and coming fields in the language industry today is transcription, the process of converting audio to written text. Las Vegas is a business center and transcription services are widely used by many industries and governmental agencies in a wide variety of venues. Many international companies are headquartered in Las Vegas and the city also has a very diverse ethnic make up. In order to help improve language barriers and to disseminate information in a readable form the entertainment, medical, market research and legal industries have all shown their increasing interest for transcription services. The world continues to grow smaller, and finding a quality transcription services can truly bridge the communication gap in a diverse community such as Las Vegas.

Transcription in Las Vegas for your Business Needs

With its stature as a leading business capital, over the last 25 years Las Vegas has evolved into an upcoming start-up location for business and is the host to many conferences and business events. In a business hotbed as such, the need for quality transcription services is growing increasingly common. The content of these events often needs to be transcribed into written form in English as well as a wide variety of foreign languages. Each transcription project is unique unto itself and transcription work can be in a number of mediums including: micro cassettes, mini cassettes, tapes, VHS & audio cassettes, DVDs, and digital files including DAT, CD, MPEJ, MP3 and RA. The need for 100% accurate text and the need for quick turn around of the audio are vitally important to companies and only an experienced transcription company with cutting edge technology can achieve these goals.

Variety of Transcription needs in Las Vegas

There is a wide variety of needs for transcriptions outside of the general business arena. Las Vegas is an important legal hub for many worldwide law firms and as a major city the public sector also has a wide range and ever increasing needs. As the population continues to diversify law enforcement agencies continually have to understand foreign language audio from wire taps, interviews and hearings.Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and many other languages are commonly spoken in the Las Vegas area.

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Local Transcription Needs in Las Vegas

For over a quarter century, United States based American Language Services ? (AML-Global) evolved from an intimate language school into the leading interpreting, transcribing and translating agency it is today. AML-Global provides a full range of international multi-language communication services and offers its unique services in Las Vegas and worldwide. We deliver cost effective and timely solutions for all your language needs. Our language professionals are available 24 hours/ 7 days a week at 800- 951- 5020.

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