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American Language Services (AML-Global) offer its client's solution based technologies that provides for efficiency, security, ease of use, and bottom-line cost savings. This covers the entire scope of the process from incoming content delivery, to content evaluation, specialized localization, memory software, creation of glossaries, and use of our proprietary sourcing data base. AML-Global offers real solutions that are there to help reduce cost and increase in final quality output. In today's ever changing, highly competitive global environment, it is essential that language companies continually implement new technology strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

American Languages Services prides itself on utilizing state-of-the-art industry-leading technology products that facilitate the entire scope of the translation, interpreting and transcription process. Furthermore, we provide technology products that are the most advanced and flexible in the industry. Our products are fully vendor neutral thus allowing our clients to share content repositories with AML-Global or any other chosen providers. We have software products that can facilitate localization in virtually all major CMS and database environments.

American Languages Services possesses the technical know-how to handle all common and many less common file formats required for translation and localization work in all platforms.

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Technology Highlights:

AML-Global Portal 5.0

We have developed an integrated proprietary portal system, the AML-Global 5.0 Our system utilizes its own API (Applications Programming Interface) website technology. This lets us bring together information from a diversity of sources in a uniform way and allows us to receive, manage, access, store, and deliver projects in a highly efficient manner. This has a tremendous benefit to our clientele because it simplifies the process of sending, managing, tracking, and receiving a myriad of projects.

CMS System: Some of the highlights of our portal system include a content management system (CMS). Our content management system is a highly sophisticated application that allows us to edit, modify, organize, and delete content as well as maintain data from a central interface.

Security: Our system uses the latest and most advanced security encryption features. This is important because this will safeguard all client information from potential hackers and thus eliminate data leaks and retaining 100% confidentiality in all work we do.

Storage: AML-Global utilizes a state-of-the-art, fully redundant backup system to protect and store data for long periods of time. This backup system starts with redundant hard drives on our server and server technology. We also do daily manual backups utilizing LTO data cartridge technology. Along with these features, we employ an IT technology unit to monitor and maintain the integrity of our technology infrastructure on a daily basis. We also utilize Cloud Technology to keep offsite our files in a sure and safe environment.

File Transferring: We have the latest in technology to be able to transfer large text, audio & video files. We utilize multiple transfer protocols that are easy to use, can transfer files very rapidly and with security by utilizing encryption.

Proprietary Data Base-Sourcing:

American Languages Services has spent years developing its own proprietary & comprehensive database of language experts. This database allows AML-Global to select the best translators, interpreters, transcriptionists and desk top publishers around the globe. The system has tens of thousands of qualified, screened linguists that can be accessed instantaneously and is perhaps the largest of its’ kind in the industry. The linguists can be located very quickly by doing searches be a wide number of variables. These criteria allow AML-Global to conduct a search by a number of parameters including: By industry, technical skills, language combinations, geographic considerations, certifications, experience, technological factors, as well as many others.

Translation Technology Solutions Help Our Clients With…

  • Speed up time-to-market launches
  • Significantly reduce localization costs
  • Improve the quality of global content
  • Ensure consistency in desired branding, look, style, and feel
  • Offer greater internal control and enhance content consistently for regulatory and compliance matters
  • Ensure the security of both source and translated content
  • Communicate seamlessly with international markets and their target audiences

Translation Software:

American Languages Services works in virtually all software available on the market as well as all platforms. AML-Global also continually upgrades to new software as the software market changes and products revised or new products are added in the market. AML-Global has the direct experience and expertise to handle all software products, which include the most prevalent Microsoft products such as, Word Excel and PowerPoint. This also includes more complex software and file types such as: Frame Maker, Publisher, In-Design, Quark Express, XML, HTML and many others.

Translation Memory:

There is some confusion in understanding of what translation memory is and what it is not. Translation Memory, or TM, is a database that stores segments that have been previously translated by a linguist, and not by machines or other artificial methods. A translation-memory system stores the words, phrases and paragraphs that have already been translated and aid human translators.

The primary advantages of TM are that it has the ability to allow human translators to translate documents at faster pace. Also, this allows translators and editors to work with pre-established phrases and sentences to ensure consistency in output. This is especially important when a team of translators and editors work a project or set of documents together. American language Services utilizes the most highly technical and state-of the-art systems on the market today.

The translation memory stores the source text and its corresponding translation in language pairs called “translation units”. Some software programs that use translation memories are known as translation memory managers (TMM). Translation memories are typically used in conjunction with a dedicated computer assisted translation (CAT) tool, word processing programs, terminology management systems and multilingual dictionaries.

A translation memory consists of text segments in a source language and their translations into one or more target languages. These segments can be blocks, paragraphs, sentences, or phrases. Individual words are handled by terminology bases and are not within the domain of TM.

Glossary of Terms:

American Language Services secures and maintains a detailed glossary list for companies and for their specific projects. An alphabetical list of words and their meanings or approved translations (glosses) in their various contexts are utilized on future projects to ensure consistency. This applies to standard and technical translations as well as for web site and localization.

In the translation/localization industry, it may refer simply to a bilingual or multilingual terminology list and is often confounded with dictionary. Especially valuable are term lists that are suited to machine searches with glossary tools like lingo Translators Assistant, Avalon Glossary Glossaries and others. Projects that are Web based vary from long static HTML web pages to database-backed dynamic sites that present the results of a term search.

Interpreting Equipment and Project Management:

American Language Services offers a full array of state- of- the art audio interpretation equipment. Our equipment and booths meet the ISO 4043 specifications. We offer the highest quality equipment including top of the line William Sound Equipment as well as other fine manufactured products to ensure the highest quality audio performance for your event.

We offer wireless FM headsets, receivers, body pack transmitters, sound reduction equipment, booths and other equipment. Our booths are fully enclosed, have a comfortable work environment that can hold multiple interpreters. Our sound reductions booths work very well and are ideal for events with space limitations and or budget constraints.

We also provide a high level of technical support through or on site technicians. We have many years of direct experience which allows us to offer a high level of project management for effective communications, general planning, overall coordination and technology expertise.

Transcription Equipment:

American Languages Services highly skilled group of transcriptionist utilize the most up to date and sophisticated equipment on the market today. The equipment falls into these general categories: headsets, foot pedals, transcription software, transcription kits, desk top transcriptions, sound enhancements and sound conversion equipment. Each of these pieces of equipment is used as every day tools of the trade in order to guarantee the best possible final output. The equipment, in particular the software aspect is constantly monitored and updated as new software is introduced to the market and as older software is updated to new improved versions. Our transcriptionists are experienced in working in many highly specialized industries such as medical, legal, scientific, entertainment, production companies and training to name some.

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