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Medical Device Manufacturing Division

American Language Services® (AML-Global) founded its Medical Manufacturing Division in 1996 with the understanding that this vital and growing industry needed language support to facilitate communications in a number of unique ways.

The Medical Device Manufacturing Industry is one of the most dynamic and important industries in the world today. The United States is the world leader, by a wide margin, in obtaining patents, designing, manufacturing, distributing, selling and using these urgent and lifesaving medical products. As the U.S. population ages, it creates an ever-increasing demand for medical devices that can assist doctors, nurses and other medical professionals with the care, comfort and potentially lifesaving surgeries needed for patients with a wide variety of medical conditions and illnesses.

The increased demand for these products in overseas markets has been a large boost for U.S. based companies in the last decade. This has become a growing profit center for companies that successfully target these fertile markets. It has become even more vital to translate and localize in a way that effectively communicates with the target audience. AML-Global provides this urgent translation and localization service for numerous companies in the industry to ensure that these objectives are met.

Translation & Localization Services

For over 18 years we have supplied accurate, timely, technical translation, localization and technology services in a multitude of languages and wide variety of documents in areas such as instructional manuals, IFUs, compliance, regulatory, legal, marketing, sales, packaging and labeling, to name just a few.

We have earned a stellar reputation by delivering consistently excellent quality of translation and localization work along with 100% on time delivery and the ability to turnaround documents on a highly expedited basis, as needed. As a testament to our superior process, we have held both an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Certification for a number of years.

We work in over 200 languages including the key languages from/to English, German, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian. We regularly translate, localize, format, edit, and provide full desktop publishing for these languages as well as numerous others.

As a full-service language provider, we supply complete desktop publishing services in all of the most widely utilized and modern software programs including In Design, MS Publisher, Photoshop, Illustrator, XML, and HTML and many more.

To learn more about what we do for the industry click here. For a partial list of who we work with click here.

Specialized Interpreting Services

As U.S. companies try to market their products overseas and as foreign markets target English speaking countries there has been an explosion in the amount and scope of verbal communications that take place day to day.

American Language Services® has been providing effective and professional interpreting worldwide in almost every language, from the traditional to the exotic.

Along with our interpreting services, we provide state of the art equipment such as transmitters, headsets, receivers, fully encapsulated sound booths, sound-reduction booths, portables, and more. Our equipment is housed and serviced in strategic regional locations throughout the U.S. We also offer pre-event consulting support as well as on-site technical support for these events.

From traditional business meetings, medical symposiums, trade shows, conferences, sales group events, webinars, through factory tours, everyone it seems has a need to reach out to each other to discuss their products. To learn more about what we do for the industry click here. For a partial list of who we work with click here.

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