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Interpreting for the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry

An important element in providing service to the medical device manufacturing industry, which itself often falls within the overall classifications of life sciences and pharmaceuticals, is expert, specialized conference and meeting interpreting. AML-Global provides interpreting services throughout the U.S and Worldwide. We do this for both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, whichever is more appropriate and specifically requested by our clients.

Experienced & Specialized Interpreters

We work in over 200 languages and offer state of the art audio equipment, full technical support & pre-event consulting. Our reach is global and we have the ability to support events around the word as well as domestically in the U.S.

Our interpreters are credentialed and experienced in interpreting at a myriad of events. These events are for conferences, symposiums, trade shows, meetings, product roll outs, webinars, press releases, training sessions, plant tours, and others.

Specific Terminology

The medical device industry has very specific terminology that we are very experienced with and adept at interpreting. This is often of a technical nature and can be complicated. Understanding the terminology is a critical step in the overall success of the interpreting assignment. If one can't understand the terminology they will be interpreting how can they properly interpret and convey accurately the desired message? This is why we only send out industry experienced and credentialed interpreters to handle these challenging assignments.

State of the Art Equipment

We have the finest William Sound and other state-of-the-art AV equipment available on the market today. Our equipment is strategically placed throughout the United States near regional offices to cut down on costly shipping charges.

Along with our interpreting services, we provide state of the art equipment such as transmitters, headsets, receivers, fully encapsulated sound booths, sound-reduction booths, portables, and more. Our equipment is housed and serviced in strategic regional locations throughout the U.S. We also offer pre-event consulting support ad well as on-site technical support for these events. We provide the equipment requested by the client and appropriate for the particular venue and circumstances of each event.

Event Support

Our expert sales staff is available to go through all of your needs and assist you in determining the best mix of equipment for your particular needs. Our logistics team will work closely with your event organizers and AV team to coordinate logistics and set up for the event.

Onsite Technicians

For most events, onsite technicians will be at your venue to set up and monitor the equipment and ensure that everything is working to its maximum capacity. Our technicians are highly regarded for their technical knowledge, professionalism and communication skills.

Let American Language Services® assist you with comprehensive language solutions to ensure your event is the best it can be and is flawlessly executed.

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