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Internships at American Language Services

About our program:

Thank you so much for your interest in American Language Services (AML-Global) internship program.  The robust program has been very successful and has given many candidates valuable tools and experience within the language industry. Our internships are for international students through the J1 program.  These internships tend to be a minimum of 4 months and up to 1 year.  We have worked with many students around the world in several countries like France, Germany, Belgium, South Korea, Switzerland, and Spain to name just some.

How it works with your school:

Our internship program works in conjunction with educational requirements from various universities throughout Europe and Asia. Often, these internships are requirements to be able to get various advanced degrees. Please also contact your university to see if they have financial programs to support your internships.

How this benefits you:

Our program is designed to provide for you direct work experience in a meaningful and rewarding way.  You will learn a variety of tasks within different departments and multiple software programs.  You will receive a wide exposure to our day-to-day business practices as well involvement with special projects. 

At the conclusion of the internship, we will be happy to provide you with a written reference on our company letterhead.  We can also be utilized as a resource for potential future employers to contact us to discuss your performance.  

We trust that this will be an interesting learning experience and that what you gain from this internship will assist you in your future endeavors. Often, we have found that these internships have led to employment in our industry. Several of our past interns are currently working in the language field.

To Apply:

Please contact us by email at Put on the subject line "Internship Program". Also, attach your resume/CV along with a description of what you're looking for and when you're looking to do your internship. We will contact you to set up a Skype interview to further discuss our program.

We look forward to hearing from you.