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Specialized Corporate & Technical Translation

American Language Services ® (AML-Global) started working with US corporations over thirty years ago. We saw the emerging demand for companies to expand their market base to countries outside of the United States. As the population has diversified within the United States and in foreign countries, US based companies expanded their global reach to countries in Asia, Europe, and North & South America. The growing need of materials that are needed translated around the world by companies must be translated and localized to reach their exact target market. At the same time, World companies also recognized a need to target the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and other English speaking countries and to also translate and localize their materials properly.

Industries Served

Throughout its long history, AML-Global has worked with a plethora of companies and institutions in a multitude of industries. The list is far too long to make complete, but a partial list of key industries served follows in alphabetical order: Biotech, Governmental, Marketing Research, Legal, Medical Device, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Medical, Marketing, High Tech, Literary, Mass Media, Military, Pharmaceutical, and Technology.

Direct Experience & Unique Skill Set Required:

Within each industry, individual companies have their own unique and specific writing style, terminology, and word choice preferences. AML-Global takes this into consideration each time we provide translation and localization services. We understand that one size does not fit all. Our translators are among the best in the business. We select our translators on very specific criteria based on our clients' needs. Our company's proprietary database has the most experienced and highly-skilled translators which we match up to our clients' needs with the exact background and direct experience of the translators.

Understanding our Clients' Needs

Since its inception in 1985, AML-Global has experienced consistent growth by asking the right questions, proactively listening to our clients and ultimately understanding and satisfying their needs. Our corporate philosophy centers on the dual bedrock principles of providing great service, utilizing specialized linguists and advanced technology tools and cost competitive value pricing. Our client retention and referral rates are among the best in the industry. Quality is in the forefront of everything AML-Global does. For a partial list of who we work with click here.

ISO Certified

As a testament to our overall quality and our commitment to corporate standards, AML-Global is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. The ISO 9001 is a specific standard measuring performance for services provided for businesses. The ISO 13485 is specific to the medical industry. Relatively few language service providers have obtained theses prestigious certifications and are a testament to the overall quality of our service and our ability to deliver consistently excellent translation work.

Technology Solutions:

Translation Memory Software (TM)

Translation memory software is an important element of the translation process. This allows us to accelerate our team's translation speed while maintaining a high level of consistency and superior quality. This is critical when we find that the same or similar content is being translated time and time again. We utilize TM tools such as SDL Trados Professional, Wordfast and others to provide all the tools needed to edit and review high quality translations, manage projects and terminology in one comprehensive powerful solution.

Preferential Use Glossaries

An important element within these various TM tools is the creation, maintenance and updating of preferential usage glossaries. Each client has their favorite, preferred ways of saying certain words, phrases or proprietary expressions. We work closely with our clients to implement their preferential word list. This means that on all future projects our client's word choice preferences are always maintained. This also is important because this allows us to complete projects faster with more consistency as well as save our clients' money on repetition discounts.

Project Archiving

We have a proprietary developed system that allows us to safely and securely save, archive and backup all data using cloud technology. This is done by segmenting specific client projects by a number of searchable criteria.

American Language Services® is committed to utilizing the best, most effective technological tools to ensure that each of our clients receives the most consistent, cost effective and overall excellent translation services.

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We have 15 strategically located offices to service a wide array of client needs. We utilize state of the art technology tools along with expert linguists, in-house staff, and superior processes to provide world class service.

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