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The certification process is a follows: American Language Services® (AML-Global) certifies in an Affidavit, also known as a Declaration, that the completed translation is a true and accurate representation of the original document. We affirm that we have retained a professional translator. Also note that the client must provide the document title to be used for a reference point on the declaration.

We then notarize the affidavit/declaration on a separate page and send the client the original copy. If you would like to see an example of what we use, please request one and we will be happy to send it to you.

We utilize National Association Notary forms to notarize the affidavit, which constitutes the official "Certification". This process is consistent with the legal industries best practices methods. Please note that we can change the process, per the client's specific request.

Before starting the assignment, and depending on the language combination, an ATA Certified, Judicial Council or other State Certified linguist may be requested, to translate and/or to certify the translations. If this is requested and/or we are required to change our standard certification and/or translation process, we are happy to do so, but please note this may affect the total cost of the project. If this is requested after the start of the project, this will affect the total cost of the project.

AML-Global cannot guarantee that the certification forms will be acceptable to the institution they are being sent to and we are not responsible for the decisions of the receiving party. The forms we use are industry standard and are generally acceptable.

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