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The Translation Management System

AML Global 5.0 is a third generation propriety translation management system developed by American Language Services to assist our valuable clients with their translation needs and streamline the entire translation process. Our system offers the latest in technology along with years of know how that allows us to better manage, safeguard and advance the speed and security of document translation flow.

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The system enables clients to achieve better cost savings and efficiency throughout the translation process. The state of the art portal system is secure, password protected, and offers many features and benefits to our valued clients. Among these is the ability for clients to upload/download encrypted files, the ability to track the progress of specific projects, and the capability to review overall work in progress in entirety or which can be segmented by smaller units such as by division, department, branch/office, etc. Most importantly our translation memory system stores all of your translated documents and verbiage. New projects are analyzed utilizing all past and present translations and discounts on current quotes are given based on repetitive words and phrases. Discounts are given for repetitions within the same document and for fuzzy matches from previous documents. The system ensures that documents are translated consistently and on time.

AML Global 5.0 System Benefits

The AML Global 5.0 system provides numerous benefits for our clients. Among these is the ability to upload and download projects in a secured and protected environment, monitor ongoing progress for individual projects, as well as analyzing multiple projects by specific ordering segments such as by group, department, division, etc. Below you will find a brief description of some of the key system benefits.

24/7 Access

Our clients can request, monitor, review, retrieve and initiate projects by logging in with their unique password at any time from any location. The system is available 24/7 and we have a help desk area to answer questions regarding the system.

Security Measures

AML Global has a secured, SSL complaint, backed up network with encryption technology for the transferring and maintenance of files. This insures the highest level of security to ensure complete confidentiality and safekeeping of all data. Our server has multiple redundant hard drives and is backed up through cloud technology as well as monitored on a daily basis by our specialized off-site IT team.

Translation Memory

Use of translation memory is the foundation of the modern translation process. The translation memory stores all previously translated document and when new documents are submitted for quoting they are analyzed using the translation memory for repetitive wording and phrasing. Based on the amount of repetition, discounts on current projects are provided and language consistency from one document to another is insured.


Translations are submitted and retrieved by single or multiple people within an organization. Each person will create a password protected login and be able to see their specific projects. Managers will be able to create a special access to be able to see several projects in progress at any given time whereas individuals will be able to see their own projects in progress, and unless given specific permission, will not be able to see others.


The Portal works in conjunction with our advanced system to provide a seamless process and enables clients to administer there work from anywhere at any time. The schematic below gives a very brief overview of the process.

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How the Portal works.

Our clients are sent a link allowing them to set up a client interface on the portal system. The client selects their individual password which will be used for future transactions. Once the password is established, our client is given various options to utilize. These options are: uploading a file for a new project, creating a quote request, monitoring the progress of projects, utilizing a comment section, and downloading completed files.

Creating a quote request

The client will upload any new projects and request a quote from our sales team. The system will allow all the particular details to be input for our team to review. Details such as language combinations, formatting, desktop publishing requirements, requested due dates, and specific project instructions. Once requested the system will automatically confirm receipt of the new project. Our sales team will contact you directly for any complications prior to sending a quote.

Monitoring and Receiving Projects

Clients can log in to the system and are able to see their individual projects. Managers, who are given special permissions, can log in to the system and see the progress of multiple projects from different ordering sources and groupings. Each is able to review which stage of each project is in from the quote phase, approvals, through various stages of completion and through final delivery.


AML Global 5.0 is a superior technology system that allows our clientele to best manage their translation projects in a secured, logical, and proficient manner.